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Freedom Hawk Accessories

freedom_hawk_freedom_accessories_elite_angler_seat.jpg Freedom Hawk Elite Angler Seat
Simply put, this is the most comfortable kayak seat you will ever sit in, on or off the water! This innovative seating system you can also enjoy hours of sit down paddling, fishing, or simply relaxing and kicking back. Non-corrosive and fully adjustable, the Elite Angler Seat attaches easily and can be removed and used as a camp/beach chair during non fishing hours. Fits the Freedom 12 and Freedom 12 UL.

freedom_hawk_freedom_accessories_basic_paddle.jpg Freedom Hawk Aluminum Paddle
This two piece takedown economical paddle features light weight glass filled synthetic blades and a durable aluminum shaft. Standard length: 230 cm.

freedom_hawk_freedom_accessories_delux_paddle.jpg Freedom Hawk Composite Paddle
This two piece paddle features light weight glass filled synthetic blades and a ergonomic glass shaft. A step above the basic paddle, this combination is perfect for longer paddles and outings. Standard length: 230 cm.

freedom_hawk_freedom_accessories_stand_up_paddle.jpg Freedom Hawk Stand-Up Paddle
This stand up surf board style paddle makes the ultimate tool for stand up fishing. An adjustable mechanism allows the paddle length to be changed from 72-80 easily fitting any size angler and paddling style.

freedom_hawk_freedom_accessories_basic_push_pole.jpg Freedom Hawk Aliminum Push Pole
Navigate the shallows with ease with this high-quality aluminum push pole. This 12 foot, 2 piece push pole has a custom foot on one end and a blunt cap on the other to work in all bottom conditions. Stainless steel push button mechanism collapses easily and resists salt water corrosion.

freedom_hawk_freedom_accessories_delux_push_pole.jpg Freedom Hawk Composite Push Pole
Combines the durability and strength of composite materials this push pole is a must for discriminating flats fishermen. Sold as a 12 foot/2 piece break-down for convenience, this pole also durable ferrules, pointy stake end and custom wide foot to work in all water conditions. An extra 6 foot, extension section is also available for deeper flats and skiff use.

freedom_hawk_freedom_accessories_motor_mount.jpg Freedom Hawk Motor Mount
This motor mount adaptor allows anglers to modify their kayak into a motorized fishing vessel. Made of salt water corrosion proof materials, this transom style mount can be added in minutes to the Freedom 12 and 12 Ultralight models. Maximum thrust recommended,30-40.

freedom_hawk_freedom_accessories_fly_rod_adaptor.jpg Freedom Hawk Fly Rod Adaptor
This patented fly rod holder fits snuggling into rocket launcher style rod holders found standard on most fishing kayaks. It will accept both butted and unbutted fly rods, fresh or salt, 2-12 weight.

freedom_hawk_freedom_accessories_rail_mount_rod_holder.jpg Freedom Hawk Rail Mount Rod Adaptor
This great looking and rugged rod holder can be used on vertical or horizontal rails and works perfect on the casting brace of the Freedom Hawk 14. It attaches in seconds and adjusts to multiple positions. Designed for fly rods (not included), it also works great with most spin and casting rods.

freedom_hawk_freedom_accessories_folding_anchor.jpg Freedom Hawk 3 Pound Folding Anchor
This 3lb galvanized folding anchor is great for kayaks and canoes. This Anchor can be used in both fresh and saltwater. Includes top line ring and bottom rope attachment to retrieve when stuck. Anchor line not included.