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Latest Offerings - Tying Equipment/Materials

varivas_2600STV Varivas 2600 ST-V Hooks !
Heavy Stainless wire, Wide Gape, Extra Sharpe, V-Cut Point Straight Eye.

varivas_2610STV Varivas 2610 ST-V Hooks !
Heavy Stainless wire, Wide Gape, Extra Sharpe, V-Cut Point Straight Eye.
Long Shank 12pk

varivas_2600V Varivas 2600 V Hooks !
Heavy HI-Power Carbon wire, Wide Gape, Extra Sharpe, V-Cut Point Straight Eye.

tmc_212tr.jpg TMC 212TR - 25 pack !
Dry Fly & Emergers
Down Eye, 1X Fine, 4X Strong, Forged, Bronze
Specifically designed for very selective trout.

petitjean_magic_tools_stacker.jpg Marc Petitjean Magic Tool Stacker !
It’s like a Swiss Army Knife for the tier! Allows you the opportunity for you to mix different materials in the clip of the Magic tools

dr_slick_dubbing_turbo_loop.jpg Dr. Slick Turbo Dubbing Hook !
~ 4" long
~ Brass w/Gold Finish
The turbo model tying tool has a strategically weighted disc base that allows for rapid spinning and a two position hook for accurate control.

cct_uv_spray UV Spray !
Why pay extra to buy UV dyed materials? Simply add some UV spray to whatever product you want!
2oz spray bottle

regal_vise_revolution_SS.jpg Regal Revolution Vise - Stainless Steel Jaws !
Adjustment: Adjusts 220 degrees up and down
Rotation: Full 360 degree rotation - adjustable free spin or fixed position capability

Tool bar in image NOT included
hf_finn_raccoon_zonker.jpg Finn Raccoon Zonker !
Nice long hair with great underfur.
from Hareline

tie_hf_beaver_sm HF - Beaver Hair !
The natural warm gray underfur of Beaver is great for small dry flies. A floating dubbing.
Small Patch 2-4 sq.in.
Large Patch 5.5-7 sq.in.

keough_flatwing.jpg Keough Rooster Flat Wing Saddles !
Made with flat-wing fanatics in mind! Super long feathers at a great price. Currently only grade 2s available.

tie_fh_saddle_magnum_grizzly Metz Magnum #1 Saddles !
Compared to other saddles we can find right now, these well marked grizzlys and consistent naturals are bigger and fuller that everything else. Ideal for big saltwater patterns.

dubbing_antron_cube_sm.jpg D - 30 Color Antron Dubbing Cube !
Sparkle Dubbing
Our Antron is the industry standard. This translucent and reflective trilobal fiber adds sparkle to any fly body. Use by itself or blend with other dubbing.

dubbing_rabbit_cube.jpg D - 30 Color Rabbit Dubbing Cube !
All Purpose Dubbing
The bread and butter of dubbings. Longer hair makes it even easier to dub. Perfect for nymph and dry fly bodies.

dubbing_slf_standard_cube.jpg D - 30 Color SLF Standard Dubbing Cube !
Standard SLF Dubbing.
The original synthetic living fiber.

dubbing_superfine_cube.jpg D - 30 Color Super Fine Dubbing Cube !
Dry Fly Dubbing
This is a 1.2 denier, 1.5" staple synthetic material that has been permanently waterproofed. It makes fantastic tight bodies on dries past size 28. Great hatch matching colors.

orvis_ez_rotary_vise EZ Rotary Vise !
This compact rotary travel vise is ideal for the venturing angler.
Includes weighted base and C-Clamp

flash_glow_flashabou F - Glow Flashabou !
Amazing glow-in-the-dark effects when charged with a light, camera flash, or blacklight.

**Any color marked S.O. will take ~1 week before shipping**
senyos_predator_wrap_barred.jpg F - Senyo's Barred Predator Wrap !
Two wraps is about all you will need to create very cool looking collars and bodies.

loon_flouro_hh_sm Loon Fluorescing Hard Head !
NEW FOR 2016. An odorless, thick head cement perfect for building glossy heads and bodies. Takes the UV light that is available underwater and reflects it as a color more visible to fish. Dries hard and glossy.
With applicator brush. - 1 oz.

loon_uvclear_finish_sm Loon Fluorescing UV Clear Fly Finish !
NEW FOR 2016. Loon Fluorescing UV Clear Fly Finish performs just like UV Clear Fly Finish Flow, and takes the UV light that is available underwater and reflect it as a color more visible to fish

HF_coyotemask_sm HF - Coyote Mask !
100% all natural full Coyote face mask. Has broad range of hairs for your fly tying needs.

hareline_grizzsaddle_hack_sm Strung Grizzly Saddle Hackle !
The Pros at Hareline Dubbin have sourced some great 4-6 inch grizzly saddle hackle feathers. These are strung grizzly feathers ideal for collars, palmering and winging. They are very much on the soft side and will move nicely in the water when tied on your favorite streamer patterns.

beadmaster_sm Beadmaster Tool !
Will help you place beads on hooks without the loss of blood. Will work with all sizes of beads.

foam_flyfoam_6mm_sm Thick Fly Foam 6mm !
Hareline Foam 6mm Sheets are a great choice for many types of foam flies. Use the 6mm sheets for tying great hopper bodies and cricket bodies for your trout terrestrials too.

cascade_platinum_fletchtite_sm Cascade Platinum Fletch Tite !
It dries fast and completely clear.
It is tough as nails.
Great change from epoxy.

legbod_fish_skull_body_tubing Fish Skull Chocklett's Body Tubing !
Tie lighter & tougher flies. Co-developed with Blane Chocklett
2 sizes (1/4” x 3' and 1/2” x 2')

**Items marked S.O. will take ~1 week before shipping**
flash_weave_sm F - Flashabou Weave !
Two strands of Flashabou tightly wrapping a center strand, making a unique three-color blend.
~750 strands, 1/69"wide by 10" long.

sili_worm_sm Sili Worms !
Extreme elongation, up to 200%.
Comes in packs of 20pc or 60pc

preslit_edgebright_sm Pre Slit Edge Bright !
Pre Slit Edge Bright Material:
Available in 3 Colors - 56 strips
Also comes in Combo pack - 28 strips
8" long x .082" wide

mfc_frog_eyes E - 3D MFC Frog Eyes !
Hologram Dome Eyes
These peel and stick eyes have the added dimension of life-like contour and depth. aka Witchcraft or WTP eyes.

dynaking_Excalibur_SM Dyna-King Barracuda Excalibur Vise !
A legendary Vice fit for a king! The Excalibur is the newest addition to the Barracuda series and is evolutionary in design, allowing unimaginable hook accessibility with angle adjustments in two locations!

ep_sparkle EP Enrico Puglisi Sparkle !
Used in ALL Enrico's fly streamer patterns to add the right amount of reflection.

regal_flytie_light_SM Regal Daylight Smart Lamp !
The Regal Daylight fly tying light is a great lamp that helps you see every detail while fly tying. It comes equipped with Daylight LEDs, is low heat, lightweight and portable!