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simms_wg3_2014.jpg Simms G3 Guide Stockingfoot Waders

The latest version of Simms top selling wader now with great new features.
Color: Greystone
Customize: Stockingfoot Sizes, extra sizes

simms_s_wading_sock.jpg Simms Wading Sock
Yellowstone National Park sees more than 3 million gawking civilians a season. The good news is there’s more than 1,000 miles of untrammeled trail to seek solace. When it’s time push past the concrete, wrap your favorite feet in the full cushioning of this best-in-class Wading Sock. Premium Merino wool retains warmth and wicks moisture with aplomb, while the 11-inch overall leg length—slightly shorter than the ExStream™ Sock—reduces weight and makes for prime packability.

simms_s_wet_wading.jpg Simms Wet Wading Sock
There’s a time and a place for waders. But summer on the carp flats of Fort Peck, Montana, ain’t it. Simms’ Wet Wading Sock is a stomp into the soup essential, featuring hydrophobic polypropylene fibers that repel water molecules and a smooth flat-toe seam and arch support for precise fit and enhanced circulation.

simms_s_liner_sock.jpg Simms Liner Sock
Simms’ intuitive Liner Sock works in conjunction with wool layers, driving moisture out for dry, warm feet within. Features include an advanced fabric collaboration of ultraspun polyester, nylon, and spandex stretch, while the ribbed cuff and flat toe seam reduce bulk and bolster comfort.

simms_s_exstream_wading_2013.jpg Simms ExStream Wading Sock
Reboot your dogs in socks that’ll save your soles. Simms’ ExStream™ Wading Socks feature a fully cushioned fit—specifically designed for wading—and set the bar high with a premium Merino wool blend that keeps feet ultra-warm and odor-free. Additional features include an ample 16-inch leg length for over-the-top protection, when cold weather performance counts.

simms_ow_pro_dry_jacket.jpg Simms ProDry GORE-TEX Jacket !
Simms’ award-winning ProDry™ GORE-TEX® jacket is a proven game-changer when it comes to exceptional foul weather performance.

simms_ow_riffle_jacket.jpg Simms Riffle Jacket !

Defy a deluge in this lightweight wet-weather contender

simms_ow_bulkley_jacket.jpg Simms Bulkley Jacket
Simms’ Bulkley jacket combines a GORE-TEX® 2-layer shell, with the innovative all-weather insulation of PrimaLoft® ONE technology.

simms_ow_slick_jacket.jpg Simms Slick Jacket !
When rainfall powerwashes the Pacific Northwest, find returns of ocean-bright steelhead and seek fortress-like shelter in Simms’ new Slick Jacket.

simms_ow_acklins_jacket.jpg Simms Acklins Jacket
When it’s time to take flight, pack light and stay bone dry in Simms’ Acklins Jacket

simms_ow_exstream_jacket.jpg Simms ExStream Jacket !
Anglers on the move will welcome the superior warmth-to-weight performance—even when wet—of this impressively compressible PrimaLoft® insulated piece

simms_ow_adl_jacket.jpg Simms ADL Fleece Jacket !
Simms’ ADL jacket keeps you casting through mixed shoulder season weather thanks to WINDSTOPPER® technical fleece in a DWR rain-repelling finish.

simms_ow_fall_run_jacket.jpg Simms Fall Run Jacket !
Wherever you roam, throw on Simms’ Fall Run Jacket for lightweight, packable performance in the form of PrimaLoft® ONE insulation. Jackets feature a winning warmth-to-weight ratio and the water repellency to take on wet conditions the world over.

simms_ow_contender_jacket.jpg Simms Contender GORE-TEX Jacket
Simms’ new Contender Jacket and Bib series is rated for extreme wet weather, featuring GORE-TEX® Performance Shell fabric tech that delivers 100-percent waterproof/windproof performance.

simms_ow_hyalite_rain_shell.jpg Simms Hyalite Rain Shell
When it spits and snarls, keep it calm and comfortable in Simms’ waterproof/breathable Hyalite Rain Shell. Shell tech includes a YKK® water-resistant zipper with tough nylon components for massive water resistance and minimum corrosion over time.

simms_ts_womens_rogue_fleece_hoody.jpg Simms Women's Rogue Fleece Hoody !
Step into full fleece comfort—featuring draw-cord adjustments, plush handwarmer pockets, and full center front-zip—and embrace your villa incognito against the damp and dreary.

simms_ts_authentic_hoody.jpg Simms Badge of Authenticity Hoody !
Day in and day out, Simms’ Badge of Authenticity Hoody is a consummate companion from river time to beer-in-hand recline.

simms_ow_windstopper_hoody.jpg Simms Windstopper Hoody
When it rockets upstream, gusts down, and throws broadside sneak attacks, fight back and stay fishing with Simms’ proven WINDSTOPPER® Soft Shell Hoody.

simms_ts_deyoung_hoody.jpg Simms DeYoung Steelie Flank Hoody !
Day in and day out, DeYoung Steelie Flank Hoody is a consummate companion from river time to beer-in-hand recline.

simms_ts_rogue_fleece_hoody.jpg Simms Rogue Fleece Hoody !
One part Sasquatch, a splash of pale ale, and born of microclimates primed for ironic mustache growing and steelhead, the Rogue has fast become a Pacific Northwest icon.

simms_l_axis_hoody.jpg Simms Axis Hoody
The hoody evolution goes from street stealth to last call comfort to heavy hitting fishing companion in Simms’ most superior incarnation yet, the Axis.

simms_l_rivershed_sweater.jpg Simms Rivershed Sweater !
A key layering companion, Simms’ Rivershed™ Sweater dominates the season’s mix-bag attributes via classic styling wrapped in dynamic, high-performance fabrics.

simms_l_downunder_merino_zip_top.jpg Simms DownUnder Merino Mid Zip Top !
Stick to the essentials this season with the ingenious warmth-to-weight performance of Simms’ Downunder Merino layering system.

simms_l_waderwick_thermal_top.jpg Simms Waderwick Thermal Top !
For char in the gnar, or anywhere cold creeps onto the scene, throw on Simms’ Waderwick Thermal Top for stacked warmth.

simms_ow_contender_bib.jpg Simms Contender GORE-TEX Bib
Simms’ new Contender Jacket and Bib series is rated for extreme wet weather, featuring GORE-TEX® Performance Shell fabric tech that delivers 100-percent waterproof/windproof performance.

simms_ow_pro_dry_bib.jpg Simms ProDry GORE-TEX Bib !
When extreme weather turns your fishing jailbreak into a case of solitary confinement, zip into Simms’ ProDry™Bib and dodge the deluge bullet.

simms_g_windstopper_flex_glove.jpg Simms WindStopper Flex Glove

The perfect lightweight, quick drying WINDSTOPPER® fleece full-finger glove.
Color: Gunmetal

simms_h_down_under_hat.jpg Simms DownUnder Hat !
Simms’ DownUnder Hat pays homage to the southern hemisphere, with deluge-proof 100-percent oiled cotton-canvas construction.

simms_h_wool_flexifit_cap.jpg Simms Wool Flexfit Flap Cap !
Wool is a wonder fiber that insulates when wet, is ultra-durable, and retains its shape better than most synthetics.
One size fits most

simms_l_downunder_bottom.jpg Simms DownUnder Merino Mid Bottom !
Your fix for bipolar weather comes in the form of Simms’ Merino Mid Bottoms, featuring prime under-wader performance via nature’s top temperature regulator.

simms_l_waderwick_thermal_pant.jpg Simms Waderwick Thermal Pant !
This minimalist thermal baselayer is the ticket for long hours in frightening cold waters thanks to microfiber fleece that holds body warmth for effective, convective heat.

simms_ow_exstream_pants.jpg Simms ExStream Pants !
ExStream™ Pants deliver cutting edge warmth-to-weight performance even when wet.

simms_l_waderwick_bottom.jpg Simms Waderwick Core Bottom !
Simms’ Waderwick Core Bottoms are built to dive into icy depths all day, with a Baselayerfit that contours to the body, keeping you warmer when and where it counts.

korkers_devils_canyon.jpg Korkers Devil's Canyon Boot !
An incredibly light boot, fits like a glove and delivers athletic and agile performance.

korkers_whitehorse_boot.jpg Korkers WhiteHorse Boot !
A performance-packed wading boot that combines innovative technologies and a traditional look.

korkers_buckskin_boot.jpg Korkers BuckSkin Boot !
High performance and comfort combine to help you master your pursuit.

korkers_castrax.jpg Korkers Castrax
Ultra durable cleated overshoe product provides sure-footed traction on mossy rock, ice, and slick terrain.

simms_b_rock_creek_sm.jpg Simms Rock Creek Boot - Felt !
Simms’ Rock Creek Boot, with a full-length retention plate for HardBite™ studs, is the solution to stomping out the slip factor. Anglers will appreciate heavy-duty construction packed into a lightweight boot built for long miles.
Soles: Felt
Add Studs!

simms_b_g4.jpg Simms G4 Boa Boot - Rivertread !

Step into Simms’ G4 Boa® Boot and elevate your fishing experience thanks to an asymmetrical Boa® system that delivers an articulated, secure fit over and across the instep.
Soles: Vibram
Add Studs!

simms_ts_kenai.jpg Simms Kenai Shirt - LS !
Your favorite plaid habit just got a technical injection in the form of 3-season plush cotton feel and COR3 sun-shielding protection. Simms’ Kenai Shirt features hollow-core fibers to help trap warmth, off-shoulder seams for smooth-riding comfort, and two top-close chest pockets to keep your flies within reachable convenience.

simms_b_mariner.jpg Simms Mariner Shoe - Vibram !

The contemporary “boat shoe” is definitely more adventurous (and aggressive) than its predecessors. When the wet won’t quit, Simms’ Mariner Shoe combines non-absorbent, perforated upper materials for quick draining and drying.
Soles: Vibram
Add Studs!

simms_ow_fall_run_vest.jpg Simms Fall Run Vest !
Quilted warmth that won’t quit

simms_b_guide_flip.jpg Simms Guide Flip !
Simms’ new waterproof, full grain leather Guide Flip takes the flip-flop and raises the performance level with non-marking siped rubber outsoles and molded EVA midsoles for superior traction, comfort, and support. From boat deck to your favorite Goombay Smash-serving bar, the Guide Flip goes anywhere your intrepid (and sometimes wobbly) fishing legs may lead you.

orvis_vest_lightweight_super_taclpak.jpg Orvis Lightweight Super Tac-L-Pak Vest !
Keep all the essentials within reach with this lightweight versatile fly-fishing vest.

simms_l_guide_mid_pant.jpg Simms Guide Mid Pant !
As the season morphs source mobility and warmth with these polyester and Lycra charged pants. Rugged stretch fleece fabric features awesome breathability and wicking capabilities, while holding ample heat.