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Beulah Blanks - Surf Series

If you have ever been fortunate enough to encounter an on shore blitz you know the absolute thrill of surf casting. Everything happens at once, birds crashing from above, boils of predators below and bait fish in a frenzy trying to escape. Every thing comes down to that brief moment and how ready you are for it.

Whether you are blind casting or trying to reach a shore blitz, Beulah Fly Rods has three new Surf specific fly rods to help you cast further and easier. Beulah 11’ ft Surf fly rods in 7/8, 8/9, and 9/10 wt are fast action two handers designed to cast long and fast with half the effort of single hand rods. These are not Spey rods being used for surf casting, they are light fast action/fast recovery rods with progressive tapers to load fast and handle big flies, and a variety of lines.

These rods are built light and crisp and sized to handle a variety of size fish and make it fun to catch whether fishing for schoolie stripers from a coastal stream in Maine, GT’s at Christmas, roosterfish in Baja, and everything in between.


Comes in 4pc construction

Dark Blue Blank

Beulah Surf Blank - 11' 7/8wt
Length: 11'0"
Pieces: 4
Tip Diameter: 0.069
Butt Diameter: 0.457
The Beulah 7/8 Surf Rods is the lightest in the series. Designed to reach coastal species with ease and stealth while still making it fun to play and land fish. The7/8 surf rod is light in hand and in the right hands has the power to punch a cast 100' with half the effort of a single hand equivalent.
Although designed for Surf fishing, this rod is also popular as a crossover for steelhead for those who prefer a faster Scandinavian style rod.
Use: Excellent for Surf casting for Coho, schoolie stripers, sea run cutthroat from the beach, jetties or mouths of coastal streams. This rod also does well doubling as a small spey or switch for steelhead or sea run browns in Tierra Del Fuego.

Beulah Surf Blank - 11' 8/9wt
Length: 11'0"
Pieces: 4
Tip Diameter: 0.071
Butt Diameter: 0.460
The Beulah 8/9 Surf rod is the most versatile in the series. It is light enough t make most inshore species fun to catch yet has the backbone for the occasional GT that might cross your path while stalking the flats. The 8/9 surf rod can touch cast lighter flies and floating lines to spooky fish or punch sink tips and heads into the wind. This is a great all around surf rod that will help you bomb casts the distance.
Use: All pupose surf fishing with variety of line and flies. Also excellent for close quartered coastal stream situations.

Beulah Surf Blank - 11' 9/10wt
Length: 11'0"
Pieces: 4
Tip Diameter: 0.077
Butt Diameter: 0.463
The 9/10 Surf rods, is our do anything go anywhere offering. Built to handle anything fly cast into the surf and anything you might hook doing it. The 9/10 has a progressive taper accommodating heavy lines and flies down into the blank while still being nimble enough to make a schoolie striper fun to catch. This rod is built strong to handle the abusive situations encountered in the extreme coastal fishing environment without taking the fun out of it.
Use: Surf casting variety of conditions and techniques . Comfortably casts small or large flies, floating or heavy sink lines. When you have to get the grocery flies down deep!