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Beulah Blanks - Switch Series

The most versatile rods on the planet. Can be used with one hand or two. High stick, Double haul, roll cast, single and two hand spey, and send the line zinging through the air well over 100 feet with a simple two hand over head cast. The Switch rods are very light, boat friendly and an alternative to two handed spey rods. The ultimate rod for most fresh water and coastal fishing situations. Each Switch rod is 10'6", 4pc construction from a blend of IM8 graphite that positions the fibers to maximize the strength/casting ability in each section of the rod. Each Switch rod comes with a rod sock and cordura carrying case. How would it feel to out cast your buddy who has a 13-15' stick!

Beulah Fly Rods was the first company to sucessfully manufacture and market a full line of Switch rods in 2005. Presently in 2009, we continue to offer the most comprehensive line up of Switch fly rods incuding six models 4/5 through 9/10. With Beulah Switch rods each size rod is defined by its own unique action and taper.


Green Blank

Beulah Classic Switch Blank - 10'6" 4/5wt
Finally a trout two hander that is light enough to make two hand casting for trout as fun as using a 4wt or 5wt single hand rod. The versatility of the Switch rod allows you to cover a greater area of water with a larger vocabulary of technique. The 4/5 Switch rod will dead drift dry flies and nymphs with ease of control and extend floats and mending ability. Stillwater fisherman will enjoy the extra rod length when sitting level on the water in a float tube or pontoon craft.
Swing wet flies and soft hackle, or skate a dry fly with this light two hand rod and feel the tug often reserved for steelheading. The 4/5 Switch rods extended length will open up an otherwise claustrophobic casting situations with the ability to spey and roll cast with the delicate touch needed for shy trout.
Use: Nymphing or Swinging flies for trout 8"-18" either wading or from a boat. Excels for lake fishing from pontoon or float tubes.
Action: Medium Fast
Butt Diameter: 0.437

Beulah Classic Switch Blank - 10'6" 5/6wt
The 5/6 Switch is an extension of our Switch 4/5, dedicated trout 10"-25" range, and a great choice for trophy Alaskan trout fishing. This is an excellent rod for nymphing and controlling long drifts in all water types. Larger wind resistant dry flies and streamers are a joy to cast and fish with the 5/6 Switch rod. This rod has spey ability when lined properly and is great in lakes with sink lines for large trout.
Use: Swinging flies and nymphing for trophy trout. This is an excellent rod for casting hoppers and other large dry fly imitations. Great rod for lake fishing from a tube and using light sink tip lines.
Action: Medium Fast
Butt Diameter: 0.437

Beulah Classic Switch Blank - 10'6" 6/7wt
The Beulah 6/7 Switch rod is well suited for light, summer steelheading. Great rod for swinging flies with a dry line and poly leader or nymphing a tandem rig. The 6/7 Switch rod is a natural progression for someone using a 6 or 7 wt single hand rod looking to cover more water with less effort. The Beulah 6/7 Switch rod excels for spey casting in tight quarters and steelheading in light summer conditions.
Use: Light Spey work as well as nymphing from a boat or wading. Great for trophy trout in Alaska, silvers from the beach, sea run browns and steelhead.
Action: Medium Fast, Fast Recovery
Butt Diameter: 0.437

Beulah Classic Switch Blank - 10'6" 7/8wt
This is a 6/7 Switch on steroids. Good crossover Winter/Summer Steelhead rod for Spey or Nymphing. Excellent indicator and nymph fishing from boat or bank. Great for spey work. The 7/8 Switch Rod makes a terrific dedicated everyday Deschutes river dry line Steelhead rod. The 7/8 Switch rod can also cross over well for light salt water use casting smaller tips and Clouser size flies.
The Beulah 7/8 Switch rod is our number one selling Switch rod and the most versatile choice for big fish.
Use: Spey casting Scandinavian shooting heads and compact skagits and swinging flies for steelhead. Excellent for nymphing from a boat or wading. Great for two or one hand overhead casting distance.
Action: Medium Fast, Fast Recovery
Butt Diameter: 0.442

Beulah Classic Switch Blank - 10'6" 8/9wt
The first 10'6" Switch rod that can do the work of 12'6"-13'0" Spey rods. Legitimate Spey rod that has no problem with any wind, sink tip, and requires virtually no back-casting room. Also excellent for two hand surf casting.
Action: Fast, Fast Recovery
Use: Winter and Summer steelheading, or chasing any anadromous fish from Tierra del Fuego to Norway.
Butt Diameter: 0.443