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Scientific Anglers Mastery Textured Series

What is Mastery Textured?
Our new Mastery Textured Series brings you the best of both worlds. Our tried-and-true Mastery Series lines in conjunction with our exclusive Microreplication technology. We have given the surface of the lines a completely new patterned texture consisting of small round divots similar to golf balls. This texturing gives our Mastery Textured lines a benefit of less casting effort, very little memory and increased durability.

How does it fish?
Mastery Textured fishes with the same high performance you expect from all Scientific Anglers lines. You get more casting distance, less memory, and increased durability.

Anything else?
All the Mastery Textured lines feature Sci's new SA ID system - the label is right on the line!

sci_anglers_textured_chard.jpg Sci Anglers Textured Chard's Grand Slam
Capt. Bruce Chard's signature grand slam taper

sci_anglers_textured_coastal_express.jpg Sci Anglers Textured Coastal Express
Sinking line designed for coastal fisheries
~ Intermediate w/ Sinking Tip (7-9ips)

A line specifically built for inter-coastal fishing in the surf and chop designed with the help of our pro Todd Shetter. A short sinking head, a larger handling section, and a slim running line for rocket-like casts.

sci_anglers_textured_streamer_express.jpg Sci Anglers Textured Streamer Express
Sinking Specialty Taper

Our tried-and-true, half-heavy taper, probably the best selling trout line in the solar system.

sci_anglers_textured_saltwater.jpg Scientific Anglers - Textured Saltwater
$84.95 $68.95 On Sale!
Textured in Shore Saltwater Line

A proven design, now with our new texture. A floating line designed for wading or deck fishing. Low memory, longer casting than a smooth line and a cool blue color to help camouflage the line.

Limited to Stock on Hand
sci_anglers_textured_salwater_clear_tip.jpg Sci Anglers Textured Saltwater Sink Tip
Premium Invisible Sinking Tip

sci_anglers_textured_trout.jpg Sci Anglers Textured Trout Stalker
Dry FlyTaper

sci_anglers_textured_gpx.jpg Sci Anglers Textured GPX
Half-Size Heavy for Fast Action Rods

Our tried-and-true, half-heavy taper, probably the best selling trout line in the solar system.

sci_anglers_textured_tarpon.jpg Sci Anglers Textured Tarpon
Intermediate Sinking Taper
~ Saltwater