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Freedom Hawk Kayaks

Born out of a Passion for the Outdoors

Growing up in Michigan, I’ve spent a fair amount of time in a canoe chasing fish. In the mid 1980’s I started kayak fishing from sea kayaks and quickly realized their advantage over a canoe in windy conditions and for the solo fisherman.

Being a design engineer by trade, I am always trying to build “the perfect mouse trap”; and in the early 90's I set out to design a better fishing craft — a stable kayak with performance. I enthusiastically converted my garage into a boat building shop. Pulling from my fishing, kayaking and mechanical design experience, I began designing prototype after prototype until my first kayak company (Blue Heron Kayak LLC.) was shaped.

I saw the benefits going well beyond that…I envisioned myself exploring the endless bays and shoals of the Great Lakes in quest of salmon, pike and walleye. I could also envision myself quietly poling along in shallow rivers fishing for smallmouth bass and trout in full stealth mode. The simple pleasure of fly casting to largemouth on a small secluded inland lake would be a wonderful way to bask in the warm summer sun.

From that inspiration, Freedom Hawk and the Freedom 14 were born. A boat that can take you from paddling to stand-up fishing in seconds — a perfect marriage of stability and performance — the Ultimate Fishing Kayak.

The journey to this point has been pleasing and I love that my energies are helping fisherman and outdoor enthusiasts enjoy their dreams and hobbies.

—Dave Cameron, founder and President of Freedom Hawk Kayaks


Freedom Hawk Freedom 12 Kayak
The Freedom 12 represents the next generation of Freedom Hawk Kayaks, taking Stand-Up Kayak Fishing to a new level — at a price every budget can afford: Only $995.

This ultimate fishing machine features a patented inline outrigger system, giving anglers a choice of 3 positions. It paddles like a conventional kayak when in the first position. Position two offers additional stability when fishing or rigging a rod. The third position fully extends the outriggers into their patented “inline position” for maximum efficiency when paddling, fishing, polling, or motoring (with the optional motor mount). Now you can stalk fish with less drag and water movement, or gain additional paddling stability in more challenging paddling conditions.

The Freedom 12 also features a new lightweight hull, featuring a break down carrying weight just over 50 pounds.

There’s only one fishing kayak innovative and stable enough to put you in position to catch more fish — the new Freedom 12 by Freedom Hawk Kayaks.

Freedom Hawk Freedom 12 Ultralight Kayak
  • Just as its name implies, the lightest kayak in the stable Freedom Hawk fleet is the new Freedom 12 UltraLight.
  • Weighing in just over 60 pounds, the Freedom 12 UltraLight is nearly effortless to portage into remote lakes and ponds, or to lift onto the roof of even the tallest SUV. To substantially shed even more weight, remove the outriggers (just like our other models) and you're left with a lifting weight of slightly over 40 pounds!
  • Our patented inline outrigger system, which is also found on the standard Freedom 12, offers three positions. It paddles like a conventional kayak in the first position. Position two offers additional stability when fishing or rigging a rod. The third position fully extends the outriggers into their patented “inline position” for maximum efficiency when paddling, fishing, polling or motoring (with optional motor mount).
  • Don't just sit there - stand up and catch more fish this season in the new Freedom 12 UltraLight.

    Freedom Hawk Freedom 14 Kayak
    Freedom Hawk Kayaks are designed by avid fishermen and outdoor enthusiasts who have incorporated unprecedented innovation into their kayak designs. Its patented easy-to-deploy outrigger system and related features provide a solid sporting platform that really works. Imagine switching from kayak efficiency and simplicity to Jon Boat stability with the flick of a lever. The Freedom Hawk is the only kayak to truly let you “Stand and Fish” with 100% confidence. Switch from cruising to fishing in seconds. Don’t settle for clumsy add-on outrigger. Get the real deal, a kayak that’s designed from the waterline up to incorporate a stabilization system that’s easy to deploy.

    The Freedom 14 provides the ultimate sporting platform in the world of paddle craft. Freedom Hawk Kayaks excel as small watercraft for Fishing, Duck Hunting, Scuba Diving, Snorkeling, Swimming and Wildlife Photography.

    Freedom Hawk Pathfinder
    The next generation of great fishing kayaks. Stand, sit, paddle, pole, motor, troll, float… deep water reefs, coastal flats, rivers and ponds. This boat does it all!

    Featuring the same patented outrigger as the Freedom 12, this kayak offers three outrigger positions based on degrees of efficiency and stability. It paddles like a conventional kayak in position one. Position two offers maximum stability for standup fishing and the third position offers a blend of efficiency and stability for poling or motoring. This boat features maximum performance for longer paddling trips and the added freeboard and upswept bow make the Pathfinder dry in the most challenging open water fishing conditions.

    Standard features include: Internal dry storage, casting brace, scuppers, 2 rod holders, high back seat, and inserts for optional motor mount. Stand or sit…the world’s best stand–up kayak is now the best sit down kayak as well.