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C&F Fly Tying Vises Accessories & Tools

rio_cnf_acc_fly_wheel.jpg C&F Design Fly Wheel
A battery operated rotating foam wheel that allows epoxy to dry evenly. Batteries not included.

rio_cnf_acc_bobbin.jpg C&F Design Bobbin
Standard Size
The bobbin weight keeps tension on materials when tying and features a foam design in the tube to retain constant spool rotation. Teflon coated bobbin lugs ensure smooth spool rotation. Includes a bobbin threader.

cnf_hackle_plier.jpg C&F Design Hackle Pliers
Elastomer rubber grip and flared jaws to minimize risk of cutting hackles.

rio_cnf_61632_rotary_hackle_plier.jpg C&F Design Rotary Hackle Pliers
Free-angle hackle pliers with super smooth rotary movement for faster winding without twisting hackle.

rio_cnf_61631_rotary_twister_plus.jpg C&F Design Rotary Twister Plus
A quality dubbing twister with a ball bearing to create neat, fast dubbing loops and a thumbwheel spinner or speed. It also has a Core Clip for adding a rib material.

rio_cnf_acc_2in1_whip_finisher.jpg C&F Design 2-in-1 Whip Finisher
Polished steel arms, knurled non-slip grip and a smooth rotary whip finish tool with a powerful magnet in the end for picking up hooks.

rio_cnf_acc_3in1_tweezers.jpg C&F Design 3-in-1 Tweezers
Combines fly handling tweezers, a hook eye cleaner and three different sized threaders.

rio_cnf_acc_magnetic_hook_pallet_midge.jpg C&F Design Magnetic Hook Pallet - Midge
Useful box for storing your smallest size hooks, sized #16 up. A magnetic base stops hooks from falling out. Includes labels so you know exactly what you have.
7.5" x 4" x 0.5"

rio_cnf_acc_magnetic_hook_pallet_standard.jpg C&F Design Magnetic Hook Pallet - Standard
Useful box for storing standard size hooks, sized #6 - #14. A magnetic base stops hooks from falling out. Includes labels so you know exactly what you have.
7.5" x 4" x 0.5"

rio_cnf_acc_magnetic_hook_pallet_streamer.jpg C&F Design Magnetic Hook Pallet - Streamer
Useful box for storing hooks, sized #6 and larger. A magnetic base stops hooks from falling out. Includes labels so you know exactly what you have.
7.5" x 4" x 0.5"

rio_cnf_spare_bobbin_threader.jpg C&F Design Spare Bobbin Threader
C & F Design's CFT-65/st spare bobbin threader keeps your fly-tying kit stocked with the tools you need thanks to its handy three-pack design.

rio_cnf_61608_dubbing_brush.jpg C&F Design Dubbing Brush
A multi-purpose tool with a half hitcher in one end, a sharp, angled needle for cleaning hook eyes in the other and a fine, stainless wire brush in the body for picking perfect bodies.

rio_cnf_acc_2in1_retractor.jpg C&F Design 2-in-1 Retractor w/Fly Catcher
Holds two small tools on stretchy polyurethane coils. Each coil stretches independently. Also features a strong magnet for temporary storage while changing flies.

rio_cnf_61505_3_in_1_nippers.jpg C&F Design 3-in-1 Clipper
Razor sharp nippers, a hook eye cleaner & two Threaders in an all-in-one tool.

rio_cnf_acc_3in1_nail_knot_pipes.jpg C&F Design 3-in-1 Nail Knot Pipe
Needle with a small eye to easily thread leaders. Pipe is ideal for nail knots, w/ magnet in the end of to assist picking out flies. A split ring for zinger attachment.
0.25" to 2.875"

rio_cnf_acc_thermometer.jpg C&F Design 3-in-1 Thermometer
Centigrade and Fahrenheit thermometer with a split ring to attach to a zinger. A handy coil in the side holds waste tippet, while a strong magnet in the base is great for finding lost flies. Color: Red

rio_cnf_6120_threader_midge.jpg C&F Threader - Midge CF-602
For size 18 - 26 hooks
Standard or Short Length
Light Gray w/Pink Dot

rio_cnf_6120_threader_standard.jpg C&F Threader - Standard CF-601
For size 18 and larger hooks
Standard or Short Length
Dark Gray w/Blue Dot

rio_cnf_61212_threader_ultra_midge.jpg C&F Threader - Ultra Midge CF-604S
For size 20 and smaller
Short Length
Dark Gray w/Red Dot