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Beulah Limited - Classic Spey Rods

We can remember just a few years ago heading to any summer or fall Steelhead destination and in three to five full days of fishing seeing just a handful of Spey rods on any given river. Nowadays, take the same trip and you're more than likely to see just a handful of single handed fly rods donned by Steelheaders. At Beulah, blossoming into full blown two-handed Spey rods just three years ago seemed correct on timing and a natural extension of the “Switch” series we were about to unleash and change fisherman's minds about what a fly rod could be.

We have noticed one thing that all Spey fishing has in common over the last few years, that is; neither two manufactures nor fisherman can generally agree on anything Spey related from casting technique, to properly lining the rod etc…etc. We've also found that in the Spey game when you are chasing Anadromous fish you never know if you are twenty minutes or two days away from your next pull. It is all of these factors and questions about lines, casting technique, flies and what part of the water column best suits success that adds to the mystique, wonderment and thrill of fishing a two-hand fly rod.

This concise series of spey rods was developed to cover angling for any anadromous species. The blanks are constructed using a time proven technique of bias ply roll up of IM-8 high modulus graphite with glass scrim. Each rod flex is uniquely matched to the style and technique for it’s particular fishing application, creating a well rounded, comprehensive arsenal of spey rods. An anodized aluminum reel seat, and chrome over stainless guides make these rods attractive and durable in any fishing environment.


Comes in 4pc construction
Cordura rod tube included
Forest Green Blank

Beulah Classic Spey Rod - 11'6" 6/7wt
$435.00 $295.00 On Sale!
Progressive Taper: Fast Action/Fast Recovery
7.1 oz
the lightest offering in our Original series. Don’t let the length fool you, this is not a Switch rod.

Beulah Classic Spey Rod - 12'7" 7/8wt
$435.00 $295.00 On Sale!
Progressive Taper: Fast Action/Fast Recovery
8.7 oz
Make this rod your go to choice for all Summer Steelhead fishing and a great cross over Winter Steelhead rod and Atlantic Salmon rod. This will also make a sound choice for throwing large streamers in high wind conditions for large Sea-Run Browns way….way south of the border.

Beulah Classic Spey Rod - 13'6" 8/9wt
Progressive Taper: Fast Action/Fast Recovery
9.0 oz
This will be a great choice for all medium/large and larger size bodies of water for summer Steelhead, and an excellent go to choice for a dedicated winter Steelhead rod.