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Nautilus CCF Reels

Still the smoothest, toughest, and most consistent drag system on the market. The CCF series brought new technology into the big game fly fishing market by introducing a drag system that incorporated all the qualities of cork drags and added the unbeatable startup inertia of carbon fiber. Marrying Cork and Carbon Fiber , we were able to mitigate the negatives of both materials: The high startup inertia and high maintenance requirements of cork, and the heat build up of carbon fiber. We created the perfect braking system, and now have 3 just as perfect reels built around it.

Reels are available standard in black or brushed silver anodizing. Customer color anodizing available.

nautilusccf_10.jpg Nautilus CCF 10 Reel
Weight: 9.2 oz.
Diameter: 4.00 in.
Width: 1.12 in.
- WF8 + 350yd 30#
- WF9 + 300yd 30#
- WF10 + 250yd 30#
All Capacities

Nautilus CCF 10 - Spare Spool
- WF8 + 350yd 30#
- WF9 + 300yd 30#
- WF10 + 250yd 30#
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Nautilus CCF Disc Brake: High Performance Drag System
Our award winning Cork and Carbon Fiber composite high performance drag system is smoother, tougher, and simply better than any competitor's reel. This maintenance free drag system is housed in a hermetically sealed center hub and is impervious to the elements. No salt, sand, water or grit will ever interfere with your fly reel's performance. The CCF Disc Braking System is the most advanced drag system ever designed for a fly fishing reel.
Targets: Big Trout to Marlin

- Award winning CCF Braking System
- Pre-stressed spring washers for lifetime drag consistency
- 6 floating lugs for solid spool engagement and heat dissipation
- 4 Stainless Steel Bearings
- Proprietary free-spool brake
- Japanese industrial grade one way clutch for instant drag engagement