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Scientific Anglers Sharkskin Series

Science is in our nature. Our latest innovation is the Sharkskin technology, a fly line that is revolutionizing the sport. Some say it does for fly lines what graphite did for fly rods, but you should check it out and see for yourself if all the talk is true.

With cutting-edge angling technology that is revolutionizing the sport, the Sharkskin Series provides the ultimate casting experience.

Sharkskin allows you to cast further with less effort and with less line tangling — elevating your fly fishing experience to a whole new level.

Featuring 3M’s proprietary microreplication technology, Sharkskin is a radical modification of typically smooth-surfaced fly lines. Its micro textured surface provides superior shootability and floatation while eliminating line flash and vastly reducing friction. All of this comes with the added benefit of increased durability allowing the line to last up to twice as long.

This line sits higher in the water offering less drag, easier mending, roll casting, pick-ups and less water spray. The floating lines in this series also feature 3M’s proprietary AST and Dry Tip Technologies.

sci_anglers_shark_trout.jpg Scientific Anglers Sharkskin Ultimate Trout Taper - WF
ULTIMATE Trout Taper

  • sci_anglers_shark_trout.jpg Scientific Anglers Sharkskin Ultimate Trout Taper - DT
    ULTIMATE Trout Taper

  • sci_anglers_shark_gpx.jpg Scientific Anglers Sharkskin GPX
    General Presentation Taper

  • sci_anglers_shark_magnum.jpg Scientific Anglers Sharkskin Magnum
    All Purpose big bug taper for fresh and warm water fishing

  • sci_anglers_shark_magnum_tropic.jpg Scientific Anglers Sharkskin Magnum Tropic
    Saltwater Taper for big flies and fast rods

  • sci_anglers_shark_saltwater.jpg Scientific Anglers Sharkskin Saltwater Float
    All Purpose Saltwater Taper

  • sci_anglers_shark_specialty_shooting_line.jpg Scientific Anglers Sharkskin Shooting Lines
    Speacialty Shooting Line - the Ultimate in long distance casting and minimal tangling

    What is Sharkskin?
    By modifying the surface of the fly line with a micro-repeating structure, you can achieve surface interface properties that mimic nature such as the ability of insects to walk on water, the shedding and self-cleaning ability of Lotus leaves, or the adhesion that allows a gecko to walk up vertical surfaces.
    Scientific Anglers Sharkskin technology is a precise texturing process that embosses the surface of the fly line coating with a repeating geometric micro-pattern. The finished surface is no longer smooth, no longer exhibits unwanted line flash, and can be optimized via the engineered shape, depth, and frequency of the pattern to yield greatly improved line-to-water floatation, casting performance, and overall line suppleness and durability.

    What is the specific benefit for a floating fly line?
    The Sharkskin technology is a radical modification of typical smooth-surfaced fly lines…introducing a micropattern around the entire circumference of the line. One of the pattern’s key features is that it changes the meniscus force balance that up until now, holds all other floating fly lines at close to a neutral buoyancy within the line-water interface…essentially ½ the line is above the surface and ½ the line is below the surface. The micro texture greatly increases the upward meniscus force through a combination of the water’s interaction with the new surface and the trapping of air into the valleys of the texture. The result is an over 200% improvement in resistance of the line to be forced into the water….effectively improving “floatation” of the line significantly beyond anything that can be achieved through the addition of glass bubbles or surface chemistries. The line sits higher in the water – less drag, easier mending, easier roll casting, easier pick-ups, less water spray.

    What are the benefits of Sharkskin on casting?
    Simply reducing running line diameters on weight forward (WF) lines has long been utilized as a way to reduce line friction in rod guides. However, reducing line diameter also reduces line durability, and increases the propensity for a line to tangle. Simple texturing of a fly line reduces the surface contact with rod guides during casting. Scientific Anglers introduced the Bonefish taper and other key distance-casting lines that utilize a braided monofilament core - modifying the surface of the running line, reducing the frictional interface during casting and resulting in the ability to shoot farther but with few tangles. The Sharkskin technology takes this a step further, allowing lines not made on stiff braided monofilament to have this shooting and casting advantage and the advantage extends to the belly and tip of the line, not just the running line.
    Because friction in the guides is reduced significantly, even when the line belly is in the guides, shoot distance is increased allowing longer, easier casts. Casters who also double haul find haul resistance reduced which results in easier, smoother hauls, even on hot days or when the line is dirty. This, along with reduced shoot friction, has resulted in increased test casting distance when compared to the exact same line without the Sharkskin texture. Distance increases compared to competitive lines without the advantages of AST, Sharkskin, and our new taper, will be significantly greater. Although these new lines excel at distance, the features that allow that distance make shorter casts even easier.

    What other features are improved with Sharkskin?
    Another advantage of this new technology is complete elimination of line “flash”. Most other lines have slick, glossy surfaces that reflect light and can “flash” in the air scaring spooky fish. The micro-texturing process virtually eliminates surface glare, the finish is completely flat. When conditions are such that line flash is an issue, Sharkskin lines have an additional advantage over other lines.
    One would expect this radical change to the line to diminish the coating integrity and resistance to cracking. Actually, the opposite occurs. The engineered micro-repeating pattern effectively introduces flex points that increase the suppleness of the line and in lab testing, the durability and resistance to cracking is up to 3X greater. A good analogy is how a bicycle chain, although made of metal, bends due to flex points in the links.