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Ross Gunnison Reels

The Return of a Classic

The Ross Reels Heritage Series is about getting back to our Colorado roots - specifically those products that made us the premier fly reel manufacturer in the world. The Ross commitment to manufacturing USA made quality fly fishing products has not wavered since we began crafting fly reels over four decades ago. To honor this legacy we are reintroducing the Heritage Series, showcasing our famous products that have been and still are the favorite on-water tools of fly fishers across the country and around the world.

First in that line is the timeless Gunnison; a true workhorse reel made available to an always adventurous public, it gained its reputation for indestructibility and reliability on water ranging from the salt flats of Christmas Island to the remote wilderness rivers of Alaska. One of the first reels available with an advanced composite drag system, in 2014 Ross has taken the design one step further and re-engineered the bearing housing to improve performance; all while allowing post-1998 frames to fit on the 2014 edition. The Gunnison has once again set the standard for what a fly reel should be – smooth, powerful, lightweight and durable.

The Heritage Series Gunnison will be available in sizes G1 , G2, and G3, individually numbered from 1 to 500, 1 to 1000, and 1 to 500 respectively, and laser engraved with the Colorado state flag. Not just a collector’s piece, these are fly fishing tools, designed for years of productive service out on the water. Place your order today, and own a piece of fly fishing history.

"My first high quality fly reel was a Ross Gunnison G2 that I purchased nearly thirty years ago. Because of the fine reels solid aluminum alloy frame and amazing durability, I’m proud to say that other than a few scratches, the reel continues to catch fish with me." - Jeff Currier | Professional Fly Fisherman

"Ice...salt...dirt...reel screaming fights... Nothing stops the Gunnison's performance on the water....year after year" - Landon Mayer | Professional Fly Fisherman

Ross Gunnison 2 Limited Edition
Editon: #696 of 1000
Lines: 4-6wt
Capacity: WF5+140
Width: 0.80"
Diameter: 3.25"
Weight: 5.0oz