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Lamson Konic II Reels

Delivering smart design and high performance as Lamson’s most affordable reel, the Konic receives a thicker, smoother two-tone finish in 2013.

Format: Large Arbor
Materials: Pressure Cast Aluminum, Stainless Steel
Finish: Anodized/Polyurethane

waterworkslamson_lamson_konic2_actual_link Lamson Konic II 1.5 Reel
$149.00 $119.95 On Sale!
Line Weights: 3-4
Weight: 4.4 oz.
Spool Diameter: 3.1"
Spool Width: 1.00"
Line Capacity:
WF4 - 100yd 12#

FAQ about the Konic

Is die cast inferior to machined bar stock? There are really two issues here: strength and beauty. The question of strength is a complicated one, but let’s concede that a machined part is stronger, in general, than a die cast part. The better question is this: is a die cast part strong enough? Yes, if designed correctly. As evidence, just about every metal part in your car is die cast including your wheels. Are the highways littered with failed cast aluminum wheels? The other issue is beauty. It’s true that a machined part has more finish options than a die cast part. But beauty is in the eye of the beholder, and behold Konic: it looks goooooood.

Why the name “Konic”? The conical drag system is an important point of superiority for this reel and we wanted a name that pointed to this feature. We started with “Conic” but since that word cannot be trademarked (it’s descriptive), we swapped the C with a K to get the trademark.

Will Konic replace Radius? No. Radius is our least expensive fully machined reel, and will remain in the product line-up to fill this role.

Is Konic saltwater safe? Yes, absolutely.

Will Konic be available in a 0/1/2 weight or an 11/12 weight? No. We’ll offer these sizes only in machined reels. Die cast is a volume technology, and there is too little volume in these sizes to justify fixed costs.

What color is Konic? It’s a metallic gray.

What is the warranty for Konic? Underscoring our confidence in the durability of Konic, we’re offering the same conditional lifetime warranty for Konic that we offer for all our other reels.

Where is Konic made? Some parts that go into this reel are made in the U.S., and some are made overseas; final manufacturing and quality control is in Boise, Idaho.

LINE STORAGE FORMAT Our large arbor reels maximize the benefits of large arbor design by maximizing the arbor diameter-to-width ratio. The spool is large in circumference and wide, so that line is stored in a shallow layer. The increased circumference provides high retrieve rate and eliminates line coil memory. The wide, shallow line layer means there is little radius change as line is pulled form the reel. This results in constant drag torque during long runs and eliminates the risk of tippets breaking due to drag force gain.

DRAG SYSTEM The ULA, Litespeed and Velocity drag consists of a pair of precisely matched conical elements which are drawn together with spring tension to produce variable rates of smooth rotational braking. By re-configuring the surface area of traditional disks into a pair of matching conical elements we were able to seal the drag completely from moisture, salt and grit. And since the mass of the drag elements is centralized, the spool's rotating mass is much lower which makes the reel more responsive to light drag settings. Because the average radius of the contact surface is much smaller (being conical rather than disk-shaped), start-up torque is too low to measure. US Patent #5,915,639; other patents pending.

CLUTCH Most premium reels rely on a pawl type clutch mechanism. These are often vulnerable to stress related failure, contamination and wear. The ULA, Litespeed and Velocity employ a Torrington zero-lash roller clutch. This mechanism relies on the locking effect of a number of ramps and rollers to achieve torque transmission. There are no "teeth" or "steps" to break off or wear out. And the zero-lash feature means instant engagement. This improves feel and eliminates "spike" that the reel, line and leader experience when a typical pawl clutch hooks up.