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Apparel - Layering

Depending on the weather, underwear and fleece can be just as important as waders and outerwear and will improve the performance of breathable products. Working with technologically advanced fabrics, there is a large range of layering products that are ideally suited for fishing, offering excellent warmth and wicking properties.

chota_fv100.jpg Chota Windproof / Reversible Fleece Vest
Chota’s new windproof / reversible micro-fleece vest is like having two vests in one. Peat one side and black the other side make it perfect for all occasions.

simms_l_guide_fleece_bib.jpg Simms Guide Fleece Bib !
Corner warmth and keep it close with Simms’ Guide Fleece Bib.

simms_l_axis_hoody.jpg Simms Axis Hoody
The hoody evolution goes from street stealth to last call comfort to heavy hitting fishing companion in Simms’ most superior incarnation yet, the Axis.

simms_l_montana_techwool_zip_top.jpg Simms Montana Techwool Zip Top !
A requisite layering piece from Simms’ Montana Wool collection.

simms_l_guide_top.jpg Simms Guide Mid Top !
Championed by Simms’ endorsed force of professional guides, the Mid Top is an all-season workhorse built for stalking the stingiest Henry’s Fork sippers to full-bore on the oars.

simms_l_waderwick_thermal_top.jpg Simms Waderwick Thermal Top
For char in the gnar, or anywhere cold creeps onto the scene, throw on Simms’ Waderwick Thermal Top for stacked warmth.

simms_l_waderwick_crew_top.jpg Simms Waderwick Core Crew Top !
The Waderwick™ Core top features Simms’ new Baselayerfit for body-contouring warmth and comfort.

simms_lguide_fleece_pant.jpg Simms - Guide Fleece Pant
Exceptionally warm, comfortable fleece - ideal for wearing under Simms waders in the coldest conditions.

Size Guide
Limited to Stock on Hand

simms_lwaderwick_fleece_pant.jpg Simms - Waderwick Fleece Pant
Simms WaderWick™ fleece layers keep you warm on those cold fishing days.

Size Guide
Limited to Stock on Hand

simms_l_guide_mid_pant.jpg Simms Guide Mid Pant
As the season morphs source mobility and warmth with these polyester and Lycra charged pants. Rugged stretch fleece fabric features awesome breathability and wicking capabilities, while holding ample heat.

simms_l_waderwick_thermal_pant.jpg Simms Waderwick Thermal Pant
This minimalist thermal baselayer is the ticket for long hours in frightening cold waters thanks to microfiber fleece that holds body warmth for effective, convective heat.

simms_l_waderwick_bottom.jpg Simms Waderwick Core Bottom !
Simms’ Waderwick Core Bottoms are built to dive into icy depths all day, with a Baselayerfit that contours to the body, keeping you warmer when and where it counts.

simms_l_rivershed_sweater_zip.jpg Simms Rivershed Sweater Full Zip
Off Water Collection
Full-zip ease powered by fleece warmth that won’t weigh you down.

simms_l_rivershed_sweater.jpg Simms Rivershed Sweater Quarter Zip
Off Water Collection
Clutch quarter-zip, powered by fleece warmth that won’t weigh you down.