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Fly Tying Storage & Accessories

dubbing_empty_dispenser.jpg D - Crystal Clear Empty Dispenser
A Very popular 12 compartment empty crystal clear dubbing box predrilled and ready to accept your favorite dubbing.

procaddi_sm.jpg ProCaddi
The Organizer for the Serious Fly Tyer.

rio_cnf_acc_magnetic_hook_pallet_standard.jpg C&F Design Magnetic Hook Pallet - Standard
Useful box for storing standard size hooks, sized #6 - #14. A magnetic base stops hooks from falling out. Includes labels so you know exactly what you have.
7.5" x 4" x 0.5"

rio_cnf_acc_magnetic_hook_pallet_streamer.jpg C&F Design Magnetic Hook Pallet - Streamer
Useful box for storing hooks, sized #6 and larger. A magnetic base stops hooks from falling out. Includes labels so you know exactly what you have.
7.5" x 4" x 0.5"

wapsi_FBF12_hook_pallet_standard.jpg Anglers Image Ultra-Thin Magnetic Fly & Hook Pallet - Standard
Useful box for storing your standard size hooks and flies. A magnetic base stops hooks from falling out.
7 3/8" x 3 7/8" x 1/2"

wapsi_FBF6_hook_pallet_streamer.jpg Anglers Image Ultra-Thin Magnetic Fly & Hook Pallet - Streamer
Useful box for storing hooks and flies, sized #6 and larger. A magnetic base stops hooks from falling out.
7 3/8" x 3 7/8" x 1/2"

fishpond_flatiron_tool_pouch Fishpond Flatiron Tool Pouch
There was a time when any self-respecting tradesman carried a tool pouch similar to this. We've updated the classic pouch for today's hard-working angler. The Flatiron Tool Pouch is designed to store all of the small tools and pieces of gear that seem to get lost in the bottom of bags. Three separate zippered pockets accommodate tippet spools, pliers, hemos, nippers, weights, indicators, band-aids, sunscreen, etc. Keep it organized with this convenient 1680 ballistic nylon pouch that rolls up and clips closed for easy storage. Now get to work.
Open 11.5 x 17 - Folded 11.5 x 5.5

fishpond_road_trip_fly_tying_kit.jpg Fishpond Road Trip Fly Tying Kit
The Road Trip Fly Tying Kit - because sometimes the best inspiration happens when you're out there. Designed to carry everything you'll likely need for those late-night sessions on the picnic table, in a compact, durable package. The Road Trip sports a padded pocket for your vise, spool tubes, a ton of pockets in various sizes, and a removable organizer box for hooks, coneheads, etc. Headlamp and a tin cup for your favorite malted beverage not included.
12 x 9.5" x 4

fishpond_tomahawk_fly_tying_bag.jpg Fishpond Tomahawk Fly Tying Kit
Unless you are lucky enough to have an area at home devoted solely to fly tying, getting all your tools and materials out and ready is half the battle in getting that box filled up. But with the Tomahawk Fly Tying Kit, you can have everything organized ahead of time, all the time. Multiple see-through windowed pouches, tubes for thread spools, and even an vise storage area. Get busy tying flies.
18" x 14.5" x 6"

renzetti_ht310_soft_foam_caddy.jpg Renzetti Soft Foam Tool Caddy
Designed by Renzetti and made with a special no skid foam this tool caddy is like no other. Because of its special foam the tool caddy sits firmly on any surface and its design accommodates any tool. It also helps prevent cement from spilling.
Made in the USA

spirit_river_perfect_hook_box.jpg Spirit River Perfect Model-21 Hook Box
The Perfect 21 is the industry standard hook and bead box with its curved bottom for easy removal of product.

spirit_river_pro_hook_box.jpg Spirit River Pro Model Hook Boxes
Big compartments keep hooks organized on trips or at the bench. Tight-fitting lid guarantees hooks won't drift to other compartments. Curved compartment bottoms for easy hook removal. Also great for storing beads, blades, etc.

umpqua_hook_box.jpg Umpqua Hook Box
Curved bottom compartments in a large hook storage box system from the folks at Umpqua. Great for saltwater and streamer hook storage as well as beads, eyes and cones.

finsport6008sm.JPG Finsport Accessory Wallet Medium 8x4
Outer dimensions approx 9" x 5.5"
Contains 12 pockets:
~ 12 - 8" x 4"

finsport6012sm.JPG Finsport Accessory Wallet Large 12x7
Outer dimensions approx 13" x 9"
Contains 18 pockets:
~ 6 - 12" x 7"
~ 6 - 8" x 4"
~ 6 - 4" x 4"

finsport6004sm.JPG Finsport Accessory Wallet Small Square 4x4
Outer dimensions approx 5" x 6"
Contains 12 pockets:
~ 12 - 4" x 4"

finsport6066sm.JPG Finsport Accessory Wallet Medium Square 6x6
Outer dimensions approx 7" x 7.5"
Contains 12 pockets:
~ 12 - 6" x 6"

finsport_refills.jpg Finsport Accessory Wallet Refills
Each pack contains 2 velcro 'sets' of refills. Total of 12 pockets each.

bw_large_tackle_binder.jpg BW Large Tackle Binder
Saltwater Designed
The Large Tackle Binder provides solutions to two problems. First, it is excellent for fly tying material storage. Second, it provides storage for plastic lures and jigs.
Dimensions: 12" x 2" x 9"

BW Large Tackle Binder Refills
Ten individual 3 ring zip-lock pouches (11" x 8.5") for storage in the large tackle binder

renzetti_vise_storage_case Renzetti Storage Vise Case
Bag this! Or at least your valuable fly tying goods when you're on the move.