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Renzetti Saltwater Traveler 2200 Cam Vises

Redesigning the Traveler Series Vises – the best selling Renzetti product line – was a decision that was a year in the making. After all, why fix it when it is not broken? But the benefits to the tyer made it worth taking a chance…

The most visual change is the anodizing on all aluminum parts. This change alone will give a longer lasting finish to the vise. A 7” stem on the base adds more comfort to the tyer, a redesigned Renzetti trademark rotary shaft gives a more stylish look and a polyurethane o-ring on the jaws adds longer wear to your tying experience.

  • All anodized aluminum parts
  • Bobbin Cradle
  • Black Oxide finished patented jaws
  • Polyurethane o-ring
  • Rotary Tension screw
  • Black Powder coated base w/ 7” aluminum stem OR black powder coated c-clamp w/ 8” stem
  • Spinning Attachment and Material Clip

    Easily converts to Traveler 2200 by adding the Traveler 2200 shaft and a set of cam jaws.

  • renzetti_sc2203_traveler_cam_sw_pedestal.jpg Renzetti Saltwater Traveler 2200 Cam Vise - Pedestal Base Model
    Black powdered coated 4 x 6 x 1/2 base cast zinc pedestal
    Stem support
    7" aluminum stem
    Weight: 5 lbs

    renzetti_sc2202_traveler_cam_sw_clamp.jpg Renzetti Saltwater Traveler 2200 Cam Vise - C-Clamp Model
    Standard Clamp opens from 3/4" to 2 1/2"
    8" aluminum
    Weight: 5 lbs

    renzetti_sc2200_traveler_cam_sw_headonly.jpg Renzetti Saltwater Traveler 2200 Cam Vise - Head only
    Fits Stems of:
  • All Traveler Series
  • All Tube Series

  • Weight: 3 lbs

    renzetti_x901x_bent_shaft_traveler.jpg Renzetti Bent Shaft
    The Versatility of the Traveler series vises is that you can convert a Traveler Vise into a SW Traveler by buying the SW Rotary shaft. All you need is a set of Saltwater Jaws.
    The same can be done if you have a Saltwater traveler and would like to convert it to a Traveler Vise.

    Renzetti Spare Parts Kit
    This kit is ideal for the tyer that has a Renzetti vises for yeas. There is a kit for each series vise. For Cam Series vises the kit comes with jaw o-rings, springs, jaw adj. Screws and ball bearings.

    renzetti_x8071_clouser_minnow_arm_sc2200.jpg Renzetti Clouser Minnow Arm
    The Clouser Minnow Arm is designed for the tying of long streamers with the proper material distribution, while still using the Cam jaws. Cam jaws are required.

    renzetti_x8046_cam_jaw_2200.jpg Renzetti Saltwater Cam Jaw Assembly
    Replacement jaw to work on any Saltwater Traveler
    Hook sizes 4-8/0

    renzetti_x8029_aluminum_stem_7.jpg Renzetti 7" Aluminum Stem
    This stem is used to replace your existing stem on your C-Clamp or Pedestal Base.
    for Tube Fly, Traveler, and Clouser Series
    Same as X8108, but anodized Clear

    renzetti_x8108_aluminum_black_stem_7.jpg Renzetti 7" Black Aluminum Stem
    This stem is used to replace your existing stem on your C-Clamp or Pedestal Base.
    for Tube Fly, Traveler, and Clouser Series
    Same as X8029, but anodized Black

    renzetti_x8029_aluminum_stem_7.jpg Renzetti 9" Aluminum Stem
    This stem is used to replace your existing stem on your C-Clamp or Pedestal Base.
    for Tube Fly, Traveler, and Clouser Series
    Same as X8109, but anodized Clear

    renzetti_x8108_aluminum_black_stem_7.jpg Renzetti 9" Black Aluminum Stem
    This stem is used to replace your existing stem on your C-Clamp or Pedestal Base.
    for Tube Fly, Traveler, and Clouser Series
    Same as X8030, but anodized Black

    renzetti_x8054_6_stainless_stem.jpg Renzetti 7" Stainless Steel Stem
    For Traveler, Saltwater Traveler, Clouser and Tube Fly Vises.
    This versatile stem allows the use of Traveler and Tube Series Vises on the Lap Extension, the Standard, Saltwater and Deluxe Saltwater Pedestal Base.
    Required for Lap Extension

    renzetti_x9007_jaw_orings.jpg Renzetti Jaw O-Ring
    5 per pkg

    renzetti_x8000_cclamp.jpg Renzetti C-Clamp
    Opening from 3/4" to 2.5"
    Comes with a 8" Anodize Aluminum stem - clear or black
    for Tube Fly, Traveler, and Clouser Series

    renzetti_x8003_pedestal_base.jpg Renzetti Pedestal Base
    REDESIGNED from X8003
    Made of cast zinc, then powder coated black
    ~4"W x 5"L x 1/2" thick; weighs 3 lbs
    Comes with a 7" Anodize Aluminum stem
    Has non slip rubber protective pad to keep your vise in place as well as to protect your working surface.
    for Tube Fly, Traveler, and Clouser Series

    renzetti_x8024_pres4000_jaw_assembly.jpg Renzetti Presentation 4000 Jaw Assembly
    Presentation 4000 non cam jaws hook range is #28 to 4/0.
    It can be used on the Traveler 2200 Vise series, the Pres. 2000 and the Pres Cam 4000 Vise series.
    Made in the USA

    renzetti_x8063_deluxe_saltwater_pedestal_base.jpg Renzetti Deluxe Saltwater Pedestal Base
    Aluminum base hard anodized with 3 large pockets, engraved Renzetti logo, and protective pad.
    with stem X8063 for Master, Presentation 3000 or 4000
    X8060 without stem (for any vise) - add stem support & appropriate stem separately

    renzetti_x8005_saltwater_pedestal_base.jpg Renzetti Saltwater Pedestal Base
    Zinc base powder coated with a saltwater stem support & 6" Stainless steel stem, 2 pockets, and protective pad.
    Required for Extended Body Attachment
    For Presentation 3000 & 4000 series. Standard on Masters

    renzetti_x8006_material_clip.jpg Renzetti Material Clip
    A Material Clip is a must to any rotary vise. It allow you to keep the tying material away from the front of the hook while working on the fly.
    Fits all Presentation Series Vises, all Travelers and Saltwater Traveler 2200 Series Vises.

    renzetti_x8019_bobbin_cradle.jpg Renzetti Bobbin Cradle
    Used to support the Bobbin thread between tying operations. The Renzetti Bobbin Cradle is adjustable and easily removed while not using it. It is also a must while rotary tying.
    Made of Anodized Aluminum. Comes standard on all Traveler Series

  • Crank arm rotary actuator
  • Aluminum Head & rotary shaft
  • Aluminum bobbin cradle support & stem
  • Black oxide coated cam jaws
  • Rotary tension screw
  • Aluminum stem
  • Material Clip
  • Spinning Attachment
  • To convert your SW traveler to a Traveler order the Traveler bent shaft assembly (X9010 right or X9011 left) and a Set of Cam jaws (X8044)