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STH Reels

The Turbine System

The revolutionary Turbine Drag System consists of a turbine impeller, immersed in a special multi-viscosity fluid. This “smoother than silk” drag system provides three benefits over traditional drag systems.
  • 1. When a fish first takes or begins a run, there is no inertial friction to overcome. This lack of inertial forces at start-up makes this reel a Tippet Saver since you can use fine tippets and not worry about the fish breaking off.
  • 2. Drag changes automatically with the speed of the fish according to the physics principle of “action and reaction”. No need to worry about drag settings. As the fish speeds up, the drag increases automatically (up to a maximum point that is sufficient to slow a fish; not stop a freight train). This maximum point varies depending on the specie usage for which the particular reel is designed. See specifications for individual reels.
  • 3. Spool over-run or backlash is impossible with this reel. When the fish stops it’s run, the fluid in the turbine effectively acts as a break against the turbine and thus stops the spool.

  • Turbine-Disc Drag

    IM Turbine

    The Traditional System


    Cayuga Large Arbor

    Airweight Disc

    Caribbean DD