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Are There Large Arbor Design Disadvantages?
Most everyone understands the advantages of "large arbor" reels, (i.e. consistent drag pressure, quick line retrieval, improved line handling and better drag pressure control). The potential disadvantages of a "large arbor" reel design - weight, packaging and line tracking - can be overcome with a purpose built design, not a converted traditional arbor reel. The large arbor reel must increase spool width or diameter to regain line capacity. Only increasing the spool width results in a heavy, line tangling unit which is difficult to track line onto when retrieving line or fighting a fish. Increasing the spool diameter enhances all the advantages of the large arbor design. By increasing the width and diameter, the optimum spool depth to width ratio is attained.

What is Optimum Spool Depth to Width Ratio?
There is a operational window between the line diameter when youΉre casting and the line diameter at the extreme end of a long run that needs to be kept to a minimum. This will minimize the change in the effective drag pressure and maximize the retrieval rate of the reel. BAUER has used this operational window along with fly line diameter and length to determine the optimal spool depth to width ratio.

Why Cork/FXB Polymer Drag System?
Some people think that the most important feature of a big game drag system is its ability to stop a freight train, a Buick, a sub or whatever. However, the most important feature is the smooth seamless running of the drag system - run after run after run. Unfortunately this critical feature can not be tested at the fly shop, but only on the water hooked up. By combining the friction properties of Cork with the anti-friction properties of FXB Polymer, BAUER has developed a drag system that takes advantage of the best features of both materials. With repeated runs, this system will run smooth and consistent without fluctuation.

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