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March Brown Guarantee

Behind Every Great Company Stands A Great Guarantee.

Here's Ours...

The March Brown Three Part Guarantee:

1. 100% Satisfaction Guaranteed.
We invite you to fish hard for 14 days during your free test period. If our travel fly rod does not meet your expectations, return it for a full no questions asked refund.

2. 100% Lifetime Guaranteed.
We don't want an excuse. We want our travel fly rods to be dependable. If your travel fly rod breaks, return it with a $35 processing fee and it will be repaired or replaced for life.

3. 100% Lowest Price Guaranteed.
Found a better deal on a similar travel fly rod? We want our travel fly rods to offer the absolute best bang for the buck. We'll beat any competitor's price with one that makes you happy.

All this is Guaranteed - No Excuses Necessary.

When time on the water is limited, fly fishing equipment which might fail or perform below expectations is worthless. At March Brown Ltd., we don't even want to take a chance; especially when the fish are rising. Accordingly, our travel fly rods were designed throughout the entire process with superior equipment dependability in mind. A level exemplified by our premium graphite, unique dura-coat layers and hand picked selection of high quality materials.

Well Priced
Our company was founded with the sole intent of providing an extremely high-quality, high-performance travel fly rod without the expensive price tag. We will tear down the horrendous markup on fly rods; our prices will be lower and our quality superior, guaranteed. We don't even want price to be an issue. If you find a better deal on a similar travel fly rod, let us know and we'll beat it. We want your business and to see you on the water with a dependable travel fly rod.