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Winston Rods

At Winston, the design philosophy is rather simple: create rods that "fish" well. We offer a wide variety of fly rods, which utilize various materials and actions to meet the casting abilities, fishing needs, and personal preferences of a wide variety of anglers. There's a Winston that's perfect for you.

BORON - High Performance
Featuring new Boron III and Boron II technology and a faster taper, these powerful yet lightweight fly rods are ideal for freshwater and saltwater alike.

Boron IIIx

Boron IIIx - 5pc

Boron III LS

Boron III-SX

Boron III-TH Two-Handed Rods

GRAPHITE - Premium
Graphite trout fly rods offering exceptional touch and feel for that smooth-casting action synonymous with Winston.

LT 5-Piece Trout

WT Trout

Quick-action fly rods for saltwater and freshwater available at a pocketbook-friendly price.



From RIO:

The "A" rating is for more experienced casters, or for casters that like to cast off the tip of the rod. It is also a good choice for longer rods and wider rivers where the caster can carry the whole head length of the line outside the rod (55 feet in the case of most WindCutters). The "B" rating is for less experienced casters, and for casters that like to feel a deeper load in the rod. It is also a good choice for coping with tough winds, or using larger flies.