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Sage One Spey Rods

Our lightest, most responsive two-handed rods yet.

The new Two-Handed ONE spey rods place all the remarkable benefits of Konnetic™ technology in both of your hands. Its lighter weight and decidedly thinner profile are welcome assets over a long day of fishing, reducing casting fatigue and minimizing wind resistance for tireless casts. Thanks to the shaft’s significantly enhanced torsional stability, the rod recovers extremely quickly as it moves through the cast, optimizing load carry and line speed for long, smooth, flawless casts every time. The shaft’s decreased lateral movement and vibrations keep you more connected to your line, cast, mends and swing.


  • Fast Action Rods from 5-10 weights

  • Konnetic Technology construction
  • Black Shaft Color
  • Black primary thread wraps with bronze trimwraps
  • Fuji stripper guides
  • Hard chrome snake guides and tip-top Sage Super Plus custom cork fore grip and rear grip
  • Black powder coated aluminum rod tube with Sage medallion
  • Golden bronze down locking anodized reel seat
  • Sage continues to lead the industry in the design of both single and two-handed rods. We are pleased to introduce two 6-piece models in the ONE two-handed family. For traveling Spey anglers who are conscious of size requirements during travel, these rods will provide all the castability expected from a Sage ONE but with the added portability of a 6-piece rod. Available in two sizes, these 6-piece rods are versatile enough to cover a number of casting and fishing styles for both steelhead and salmon. Due June 2013.

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    Sage One Two-Hand 7136-4
    $1,050.00 $735.00 On Sale!
    7 Weight
    4 Piece
    7 5/8 oz
    Handle B
    44 1/2" Tube

    Sage One Two-Hand 8136-4
    $1,050.00 $735.00 On Sale!
    8 Weight
    4 Piece 7 3/4 oz
    Handle B
    44 1/2" Tube

    Sage One Two-Hand 10150-4
    $1,050.00 $735.00 On Sale!
    10 Weight
    4 Piece
    9 1/8 oz
    Handle C
    49" Tube

    About Konnetic™ Technology:
    Konnetic technology, the most recent and significant evolution in fly rod innovation, uses new materials combined with pioneering manufacturing methods and processes. This technology incorporates an optimized ratio of Sage’s proprietary resin to exclusive high modulus aerospace-grade carbon fiber.

    The latest construction methods include Sage’s Advanced Modulus Positioning System (AMPS); a process that precisely aligns and positions carbon fiber materials to exacting tolerances for the greatest blank strength delivering extremely efficient energy transfer throughout the shaft. Using Sage’s High Compression Molding process, carbon fibers are compacted for optimum density and precise alignment while simultaneously fusing the 50% lighter all-carbon fiber inner core.