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Seele Zeitlos Glass Fly Rods

Zeitlos means “timeless” in German and, if there was ever a perfect word to describe good glass rods, it is timeless. The recent resurgence of glass rods is proof of this.

In typical Seele fashion, our Zeitlos glass-fiber rods are built without compromise. Every component, every step of production, has a single goal: to produce the world’s best glass rods.

We roll these blanks from a natural glass fiber pre-preg without any dyes or paints to hide the beautiful glass fibers. The result is a unique look that stands out from the fly-rod crowd yet blends in with natural surroundings on the water. These rods are not white. They are natural glass and the ultimate in translucency.

Like all of our rods, the Zeitlos features grips turned from floor grade cork rings that are hand selected and turned to shape on the rod blank. Our clean, dense cork produces a wonderful grip that will still feel great after years of hard fishing. We wrap our Zeitlos rods in a spring-green thread and use a gorgeous translucent green agate stripping guide (except on the 6wt and 7wt models). The result is a rod with a look that is both unique and classic at the same time.

The hallmarks of the Zeitlos rods are smoothness, beauty, and all around exceptional performance. These rods are an absolute joy to own and fish. The tapers of the Zeitlos rods are a combination of the renowned work McFarland has done over the past decade in the world of glass rods combined with Mauri’s insights on taper design and power transition. The result is a truly exceptional glass rod that is destined to become legendary or, shall we say, a Zeitlos Classic.

Full Medium Action, Seele S-Glass Fiber, Spigot Ferrules

Seele Zeitlos Glass 6'9" 3wt
Length: 6'9"
Pieces: 3
The ideal small stream rod for brush choked streams. This rod loads quickly and has a lot of power allowing you to punch casts under branches with flies ranging from a bushy dry fly to a bead head dropper.

Seele Zeitlos Glass 7'6" 3wt
Length: 7'6"
Pieces: 3
This is more of a spring creek rod with a smoother, more mellow feel and designed for accurate and gentle presentations with dry flies. A lightweight, smooth casting rod that is a dream to fish over technical fish.

Seele Zeitlos Glass 7'9" 4wt
Length: 7'9"
Pieces: 3
A great all-around glass rod for small to medium streams in the classic 7’9” length. Primarily a dry fly rod, but with enough power for the occasional small streamer and nymph rig, this rod is light in the hand and excels at pinpoint accurate casts.

Seele Zeitlos Glass 8'0" 5wt
Length: 8'0"
Pieces: 3
The most popular modern glass rod configuration. A do-it-all rod that will handle about any trout fishing situation from midges to streamers. This rod is light in weight, smooth casting, and capable of handling a long line if needed. A pleasure to cast and fish.

Seele Zeitlos Glass 9'0" 5wt
Length: 9'0"
Pieces: 4
Don’t fall for the misinformation about glass not being good for rods over 8’. This rod is smooth casting, powerful, well balanced, and yes, light in the hand. This is a great all-around rod with added length for line mending and keeping your backcast above stream-side vegetation on spring creeks or single hand spey casting. The power of a 5wt rod with the delicacy of glass.

Seele Zeitlos Glass 8'2" 6wt
Length: 8'2"
Pieces: 3
A versatile rod for bigger trout water or smallmouth bass. A great streamer rod that will handle big fish. Perfect for big dry flies like the Hex in Michigan. More people should fish 6wt glass rods!

Seele Zeitlos Glass 8'3" 7wt
Length: 8'3"
Pieces: 3
This rod surprises everyone who casts it. Powerful, smooth, and pure fun to fish. Makes a great bass rod or even light steelhead or saltwater rod. One cast and you will forget all the myths you have heard about heavy glass rods.