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Ross Essence FS Outfit

The Essence FS Fly Fishing Outfit is a complete outfit - just tie on a fly and you are ready to fish! All of the products included with this outfit are top quality. In fact, they are the same high quality Ross products that we sell individually, but when purchased together as part of a complete outfit, you save money!

The Essence FS Fly Fishing Outfit is a great way to get started with freshwater fly fishing. Each outfit is built around an Essence series fly rod, which is named after Mel Krieger’s most notable work – The Essence of Flycasting. These rods were designed with Mel to satisfy the most advanced anglers, as well as those just starting out. Mel Krieger is unquestionably the top fly fishing instructor in the world.

Each outfit also includes a Ross designed Flystart disc drag fly reel that is manufactured out of high quality aluminum. The Flystart reel is pre-spooled with premium fly line, backing and a 9’ tapered leader.

Outfit includes:

  • Essence FS Series Fly Rod, 4-piece design – great for travel!
  • Flystart Series Fly Reel Outfit – Pre-spooled with Sci Anglers fly line, backing and a tapered leader
  • Ross Essence FS 5/6 Outfit
    $169.00 $149.95 On Sale!
    Length: 9'0"
    Pieces: 4
    Line: 5/6
    Reel: FlyStart 2