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xBrodin Streambase Nets

Streambase nets are Brodin's most economical wooden nets. These nets have a three ply bow. They are equipped with a soft nylon net bag and clip - the same as in the more expensive series. Handles come in Teak only. It is a good choice of wood because it is exceptionally durable in water, and is a plantation wood (grown in crops). They have the same durable polyurethane finish as our other grades, but not as many coats. Offered in 7 styles, these are good functional nets for the casual user.

brodin_SB_teardrop18.jpg Brodin Streambase Teardrop 18 Net
  • 18" overall length
  • 6" by 12" opening
  • 6" handle
  • A nice all around net for eastern fishing - great for small mountain thick brush where the low profile comes in handy. The smallest in the Streambase series.

    brodin_SB_trout.jpg Brodin Streambase Trout Net
  • 21" overall length
  • 9" by 13" opening
  • 7" handle
  • For general stream fishing, this is the net to carry. Very lightweight and this model has a slimmer handle.

    brodin_SB_cutthroat.jpg Brodin Streambase Cutthroat Net
  • 22" overall length
  • 9.75" by 15" opening
  • 6.75" handle
  • The best net for western streams, or anywhere a slightly larger net might be needed.

    brodin_SB_steelhead.jpg Brodin Streambase Steelhead Net
  • 25.5" overall length
  • 13" by 18" opening
  • 6.75" handle
  • The best net for large fish & tailwater fishing. The larges model in the Streambase Series.

    brodin_SB_firehole.jpg Brodin Streambase Firehole Net
  • 22.5" overall length
  • 6.75" by 14.75" opening
  • 7" handle
  • Ideally suited for small stream fishing where a catch and release style net is desired. Works best for fish to 16"

    brodin_SB_gallatin.jpg Brodin Streambase Gallatin Net
  • 24.5" overall length
  • 7.75" by 17" opening
  • 7.25" handle
  • The best all around catch and release net. Not too big and bulky, but still big enough for great trout.

    brodin_SB_madison.jpg Brodin Streambase Madison Net
  • 26" overall length
  • 8.25" by 18.25" opening
  • 7.25" handle
  • The mother of all catch and release nets. You'll be hard pressed to find trout this doesn't work on.

    brodin_SB_cutthroat_float_tube.jpg Brodin Streambase Cutthroat Float Tube Net
  • 31" overall length
  • 9.75" by 15" opening
  • 16" handle
  • For pontoon boat and belly boat fishing a longer handle is needed. The 16" handle gives the extra reach needed when fishing with 9' rods.