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Jim Teeny Chuck & Duck

teeny_box_sink1.jpg Teeny Chuck & Duck Line
In April 2004 I got to spend 5 days with Frank fishing for Steelhead and it was a real treat for me. For anyone that has ever fished with him, they would affirm that he knows the river and his fish. Frank strongly voiced his opinion that a line was truly needed to get down quickly in deeper water with a strong current. After working his home waters, I agreed and told him such a line will be made! This was just the push I needed to make our New “Chuck & Duck line! Frank and many of his customers were tired of fishing monofilament, split shot, slinkies and indicators. They all wanted to get back to fly fishing basics. The New “Teeny Chuck & Duck” now allows you to do just that. Thanks to Frank for pushing me along to make the time to do just that! Hence came the Chuck & Duck lines.

These lines were developed out of necessity, when it's ever so important to get your fly down quickly without adding any type of lead or weight to your fly or leader. Many consider this line to be a major breakthrough for many fisheries. One should be warned that this line is not for everyone and is not a distance casting line. What this line does very well is roll cast and offers exceptional tip control because of the oversized floating section.

The lines come in two sizes and two styles. The Heavy and the Magnum both have an 8 foot sinking tip. The SUPER Heavy & SUPER Magnum, both have a 12 foot sinking tip. They all have a rear section of floatiing line with our new “HPC” coating (high performance coating).These lines work best with a Fast Action Rod. If you should try to back cast once, it should be with an open loop and overhand forward cast, which is a lob type cast. With the right timing you will get good distance.

Teeny C&D Heavy---Bottom/Floating---Sink Rate: 8-10 ips
Length: 80' (8' tip)---Rod Size: 7-9
Streams & Rivers: trout, steelhead and salmon on when it is necessary to get deep very quickly
Teeny C&D Magnum---Bottom/Floating---Sink Rate: 8-10 ips
Length: 80' (8' tip)---Rod Size: 8-10
Streams & Rivers: trout, steelhead and salmon on when it is necessary to get deep very quickly