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Jim Teeny Small Water Series

teeny_box_float.jpg Teeny Redfish Line
Casts extremely well and is the perfect floating line for the beginner or for smaller waters, when casts of 60 feet or less are required.This 2 color saltwater floating line is the first of it’s kind for both winter and summer fishing, with factory welded loops at both ends. Goldenrod represents winter fishing, reversible to yellow for summer fishing. The coatings are what make the difference, a stiffer HPC coating for summer and a softer HPC coating for winter. The head length on each end is 37.5 feet with a 30 foot common running line, total length 105 feet.
It is a 60 foot line with a forward taper.

Teeny FC---Weight Forward Floating---Rod Size: 4-8
Water Type: Small rivers & lakes; Any short cast dry line application