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Jim Teeny Small Water Series

teeny_box_sink1.jpg Teeny - Basic Sink
The Basic Sink fly line is designed for casts of 60 feet or less. This special sinking line has 20 feet of sinking tip with 40 feet of floating line. It is extremely easy to cast and control. It handles like our T-Series lines except the overall length is only 60 feet, as opposed to the 82 foot original T-Series. If you will be casting 60 feet or more this line will not work for you. It would cause you to cast into your backing which can be quite annoying. I have fished this line in Alaska on a Duncan's Steelhead trip. It worked perfectly for the water I was fishing. If you have never fished with a sinking line, this is the perfect line to get you started.

Sink Rate
Rod Size Water Type Fish
Teeny BS-100
Black Tip
3.75 ips
Small rivers & lakes: (moderate to slow flow - depth to 2' - 4') - Trout, Steelhead, Salmon, Shad, Bass, Bluegill.
Teeny BS-200
Black Tip
5.5 ips
Small rivers & lakes: (medium to fast flow - depth 4' - 6') - Steelhead, Salmon, Trout, Shad, Bass.
Teeny BS-300
Black Tip
6.5 ips
Small rivers & lakes: (medium to heavy flow - depth 4' - 6') Lakes 15 - 30 ft. deep - Steelhead, Salmon, Trout, Shad, Bass.

teeny_box_float.jpg Teeny - First Cast
The First Cast is our entry level floating fly line with many uses. It is a 60 foot line with a forward taper. Casts extremely well and is the perfect floating line for the beginner or for smaller waters, when casts of 60 feet or less are required.

Teeny FC---Weight Forward Floating---Rod Size: 4-8
Water Type: Small rivers & lakes; Any short cast dry line application