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Jim Teeny Floating & Intermediate

teeny_box_spey Teeny Long Shot
The newest design of our floating fly lines with our “HPC” coating (high performance coating) and the best casting floating line that Jim Teeny has ever fished. This line loads quickly and shoots so well it will amaze you. Roll cast, mend and deliver your fly with accuracy. If distance is important to you then without question our long shot will fit the bill. The line is 90 feet long. Order by the rod size.

Teeny LS-5-8---Floating---Rod Size: 4-9
Water Type: Streams, Rivers & Lakes, Saltwater - Any fish you can throw a fly at

teeny_box_spey Teeny Weight Forward Floating Line
This line is easy to cast with nice visibility for the angler. Roll casting and mending are both done effectively. A comfortable high performance fly line that will do all that you would expect from a weight forward floating line. The line is 90 feet long in 3 through 9 weights and has our “HPC” coating (high performance coating). Order the line that matches your rod size.

Teeny WF-F---Floating---Rod Size: 3-10
Water Type: Streams, Rivers & Lakes, Saltwater - Any fish you can throw a fly at

Length: 90'

teeny_box_spey Teeny Level Shooting Line
These Shooting lines have no taper and are designed for the fly angler that wants to make their own fly lines. They are 100 feet in length. Often they are spliced to shooting head type lines and used for both single handed and spey fly rods. These lines have our “HPC” coating (high performance coating)

Teeny LSL .031---Floating---Rod Size: All
Teeny LSL .038---Floating---Rod Size: All

Length: 100'

teeny_box_sw1.jpg Teeny Saltwater Sight Fly Line
This 2 color floating line was designed with saltwater sight fishing in mind. When wading the flats most fish we see are within 60 feet and many are much closer. Designed to load the rod immediately, get the cast off quickly and land softly on the water. Here is a line that is destined to become the workhorse of shallow, saltwater fishing. Superb for mangroves, shoreline and the flats and comes with a welded loop at the tip end.

TSWS - Golden Rod / Sage---Floating---Rod Size: 7-10
Water Type: Shallow, saltwater fishing - mangroves, shoreline and flats

teeny_box_spey Teeny Big Fly Line
Big Fly Taper fly line is designed with a long rear taper which allows for more accuracy when using wind resistant flies. Custom front taper turns big bugs over easily. This two color line works as a visual for casting and control.
90 foot floating flyline in the color of Goldenrod and Sage.
7 - 10 weight

Teeny Big Fly---Floating---Rod Size: 7-10
Fly line is designed for Steelhead, Bass, Pike & Musky fishing.

boxSink2 Teeny Phantom Tip Line
Designed for chironomid fishing, when fish are feeding just below the surface. This will keep your fly just below the surface without allowing it to sink too deep. The 3 feet of slow sinking tip will consistently keep your fly in the strike zone. These lines allow the angler to fish just below the surface and retrieve slowly over weed beds and shallow areas.

5' PT Sage w/Clear Tip---Floating---Rod Size: 5-8
25' PT Mint Green w/Clear Tip---Floating---Rod Size: 5-8

Water Type: Lakes - Trout, Bass & Bluegill
Length:Both lines - 90' with welded loop at the tip end.