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G. Loomis Eastfork Reel

Failure is not something G. Loomis takes lightly on a reel's drag system, or any other part for that matter. When G. Loomis set out to create the EastFork reels they started with no preconceptions. G. Loomis had no set manufacturing technique, no preexisting components and no vision of the final product. What resulted is the performance you'd expect to get from a reel costing twice as much.

With the EastFork reels you won't have to loosen the drag to save your tippet, or crank down to prevent a large fish from spooling you. All models are equipped with strong, smooth and sensitive drags that transition from a delicate, friction-free startup, to controlled strength at any setting. This is accomplished with a proprietary drag material that will allow you to look forward to a lifetime of reliable, and enjoyable, time on the water.

Forged? Machined? How about both? The Eastfork reels combined the best of each world to accomplish a stable, intricately detailed marriage between spool and body. They're lightweight, very strong and hassle free. A push button spool allows quick extraction if needed, and switching left to right is accomplished with a simple O-ring design. The richly finished color, and a beautifully detailed wooden handle compliment all rods, especially newer G. Loomis models, making these as nice to look at as they are to fish.