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Accessories - Sun & Bug Protection

buff_angler_glove Buff Pro-Series Angler Glove
$40.00 $29.99 On Sale!
Once you try Buff® Pro Series Angler Gloves, you'll never fish without them. Attention to a thousand tiny details has made these the perfect gloves for fishing. From the aquatic suede wet/dry fabric to the fingertip cutouts to the diamond grip, we specially engineered these gloves to help you stay out on the water longer.

Limited to Stock on Hand
buff_fighting_work_glove Buff Pro-Series Fighting Work Glove
$40.00 $29.99 On Sale!
Serious protection for serious water sports. Whether you're hauling lines, landing a billfish, or paddling through the Pacific, Buff® Pro Series Fighting Work Gloves defend your hands from Mother Nature's worst. UV protection, a padded pole grip, and perfectly crafted fit make these the toughest, most comfortable gloves you'll ever wear on the water.

Limited to Stock on Hand
simms_ow_sunhood Simms Sunhood
Increase your armor and fight damaging sun exposure with the full coverage of Simms’ hardworking SunHood™. Features include UPF50 Solarflex™ stretch fabric that fits over the crown of a hat, keeping lids fixed during blustery conditions. Or wear it around the neck as a comfortable, convertible gaiter.

buff_balaclava Buff UVX Balaclava
No more excuses for sunburns. No more hiding in the shade. UV Buff® headgear keeps the sun fun. Hour after hour, it wicks away sweat to keep you cool, fights odors with Polygiene® Active Odor Control, and protects you from 95% of harmful UV rays*. Now that’s cool.

buff_anglers Buff UV Headwear
From fishing in tropical shallows to mountain streams, long days on the water can be rough on your skin, and without protection, even dangerous. Multifunctional Buff® Headwear offers anglers protection from the elements, including the sun's UV rays.
Buff® Headwear guards against flying rain drops and cuts wind noise in a moving boat, wicks moisture, prevents insect bites, absorbs glare, is highly breathable and protects skin from sun damage.

buff_VC Buff UV Headwear by Vaughn Cochran
These Buffs® feature the unique artwork of Vaughn Cochran. Vaughn's art and hs widely recognised Black Fly is known by anglers worldwide. Vaughn's designs reflect his unique perspective as an artist and former Florida Keys guide. His contemporary artistic outlook at the world of fishing, combined with his knowledge of life on the water, is always a source of inspiration. The result is art that is unique and unexpected. Perfectly matched to Buff® Headwear.

buff_deyoung Buff UV Headwear by DeYoung
No more excuses for sunburns. No more hiding in the shade. UV Buff® headgear keeps the sun fun. Hour after hour, it wicks away sweat to keep you cool, fights odors with Polygiene® Active Odor Control, and protects you from 95% of harmful UV rays. Now that’s cool.

simms_sunsleeve.jpg Simms SunSleeve
Better than sunscreen - with UPF50 sun protection, this is a great accessory to combat the sun while wearing short sleeve shirts.

simms_g_solarflex_sungloves.jpg Simms Solarflex Sunglove
Simms’ lightweight SunGlove™ with Solarflex™ UPF50 stretch fabric is your on-the-water sanctuary for torched and tortured hands. Gloves feature improved overall coverage and fit, while a synthetic overlay on the index finger increases stripping durability.

simms_g_solarflex_guide_glove.jpg Simms Solarflex Guide Glove
Crank on the oars, pole into a head-on wind toward tails at 11, and give your hands hope against harmful UV rays with Simms’ guide-approved gloves. Solarflex™ Guide Gloves feature plush UPF50 stretch fabric on the back of the hand, full-coverage cuffs, and water-resistant goat leather palms. Added material bolsters protection in the index and middle fingers, while pairing snaps ensure your gloves stay connected when not in use.

waterworks_stripper_glove Waterworks Stripper Glove
A high quality glove that provides sun protection and can protect from the cuts and abrasions caused by stripping line. These gloves protect the first and second fingers from stripping abrasions with a durable 4-way stretch material.
3 sizes - 1 glove (not a pair)

simms_acc_sunscreen.jpg Simms Sunscreen Lotion
Fragrance free, SPF 30+
2.5 oz tube
Manufactured by Dermatone for Simms

simms_ow_sunshield_hat.jpg Simms Sunshield Hat
Longest hat bill available, with removable Solarflex™ sun cape & inner wicking, quick-dry mesh sweatband

simms_ow_sunshield_hat_BS Simms Bugstopper Sunshield Hat
Simms’ BugStopper® SunShield Hat delivers 360-degree protection thanks to an extended bill, removable SolarFlex® sun cape, and inherent Insect Shield® protection.

simms_ow_solar_sombrero Simms Solar Sombrero
Our Solar Sombrero is made with 100% lightweight nylon with HT Teflon® treatment and features a wide brim.
Sizes: One Size Fits Most

william_joseph_mosquito_annoyer William Joseph Mosquito Annoyer
We didn't think it would work either, but after one day on the river with this beauty you'll be glad you took our word for it. Solar powered with a 6 hour battery back-up for cloudy days.

Tenkara_NeckGaiter_SM Tenkara USA Neck Gaiter
A very versatile piece in any angler's wardrobe, neck gaiters can shield us from wind, sun and mosquitos as well as clean sunglasses, cool us from heat but also provide a bit of extra warmth when needed.