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Brodin Ghost Nets

Above: Firehole, Gallatin, Trout, Frying Pan Float Tube, Coho

Ghost nets are the most popular Brodin series. The state of the art net bag is molded from pvc, weighs a mere 4 ounces and is clear in color so it will disappear in the water - no spooking the fish! The frame is constructed of plantation grown Teak with a 4 ply bow and extra re-inforcing at the yoke. And of course you have the benefit of a "rubber" bag so your flies won't tangle.

brodin_ghost_troutFT_sm.jpg Brodin Ghost Trout Float Tube Net
  • 27" overall length
  • 9" by 13" opening
  • 20" handle
  • thermoplastic Small "Ghost" bag
  • Ideal for belly and pontoon boats.

    brodin_ghost_cutthroat_sm.jpg Brodin Ghost Cutthroat Net
  • 24.5" overall length
  • 11.75" by 16" opening
  • 7.25" handle
  • thermoplastic Medium "Ghost" bag
  • The best net for western streams or anywhere there are spooky fish.

    brodin_ghost_cutthroat_float_tube_sm.jpg Brodin Ghost Cutthroat Float Tube Net
  • 28" overall length
  • 11.75" by 16" opening
  • 12" handle
  • thermoplastic Medium "Ghost" bag
  • This net is great for float tube fishing but it is also light enough to carry on your back when stream fishing. The extra reach comes in handy.

    brodin_ghost_tailwater_sm.jpg Brodin Ghost Tailwater Net
  • 29.5" overall length
  • 9" by 20" opening
  • 9.5" handle
  • thermoplastic Large "Ghost" bag
  • This net is designed for-well- tailwater fishing.

    NOW with new Circular Net Bag

    brodin_ghost_coho_sm.jpg Brodin Ghost Coho Net
  • 34" overall length
  • 16" by 22" opening
  • thermoplastic XL "Ghost" bag
  • Big and strong enough for football sized fish but still relatively easy to use on the stream.

    brodin_ghost_gallatin_sm.jpg Brodin Ghost Gallatin Net
  • 24.5" overall length
  • 8.75" by 17.25" opening
  • 7.25" handle
  • thermoplastic Medium "Ghost" bag
    NOTE: Rectangular in picture but actually circular
  • For general trout fishing this is the best all around net in a catch and release style. Now with the added benefit of the ghost netting.