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Tools - Hair Stackers & Packers

dr_slick_hairstackers_brass.jpg Dr. Slick Hair Stackers - Brass
  • Brass w/ Gold Finish
  • Padded Base

  • dr_slick_hairstackers_ss.jpg Dr. Slick Hair Stackers - Stainless
  • Stainless Steel w/ Satin Finish
  • Padded Base

  • brassie_push_button_packer.jpg Anvil Push Button Hair Packer
    This hair packer is a great aid when packing back spun hair. The push button design allows you to easily control the packing pressure thus making neat tight spun hair bodies.

    pat_cohen_fugly_packer.jpg Pat Cohen's SF Fugly Packer
    Pat Cohen's Secret weapon - "Packing them tight since 2011"..proudly made in the USA

    pat_cohen_fugly_packer_jr.jpg Pat Cohen's SF Fugly Packer Jr.
    You asked for got it....The famous Fugly Packer made smaller for smaller flies

    brassie_hair_packer.jpg Brassie Hair Packers
    Simple design with a cut-out that fits over the hook. 3 sizes to fit most hooks.

    peak_magnum_hex_stacker.jpg PEAK Magnum Hex Stacker
  • Same concept as our standard Hex Stacker, but built magnum size to handle large bundles of hair for spinning and longer hairs such as buck tail.
  • The opening at the top is 1.13 inches in diameter and the cavity for the hair is 3-9/16 inches deep.
  • The base also works well for holding multiple colors of hair while stirring to blend scale.

  • deer_hair_comb.jpg Deluxe Deer Hair Comb !
    Double sided comb removes underfur from deer hair or picks out dubbing. Fine teeth on 1 side, wider on the other.
    you may receive Blue, Red, or Black

    hare_petijean_magic_tool_sm.jpg Marc Petitjean Magnum Magic Tool Clip Set
    A larger version of a clip and clamp for larger loops or longer materials.

    petitjean_magic_tools_stacker.jpg Marc Petitjean Magic Tool Stacker !
    It’s like a Swiss Army Knife for the tier! Allows you the opportunity for you to mix different materials in the clip of the Magic tools