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Tools - Dubbing Twisters/Bodkins

rising_stubby_shepard.jpg Rising Stubby Shepard Dubbing Loop
The shepard hook wire produces a open loop from your fly into which you can easily add all thicknesses of dubbing.

rising_dub_loopa.jpg Rising Mr Anderson's Dub Loopa
The Dub Loopa compliments the stubby shepard – they are both dubbing twisters, shepard does open loop and the Dub Loopa does closed loop.

rising_kelly_galloup_tieup_dubbing_tool Rising Kelly Galloup TieUp Dubbing Tool
Heavy, but not too heavy, easy in the hand, but not so large it would become combersome after mutliple hours, and long enough to pick dubbing easily while also spinning freely. Y

dr_slick_dubbing_tool_sm.jpg Dr. Slick Dubbing Hook
~ 5" long
~ w/ Half Hitch Tool
~ Brass w/Gold Finish

dr_slick_dubbing_turbo_loop.jpg Dr. Slick Turbo Dubbing Hook !
~ 4" long
~ Brass w/Gold Finish
The turbo model tying tool has a strategically weighted disc base that allows for rapid spinning and a two position hook for accurate control.

dr_slick_dubbing_twister.jpg Dr. Slick Dubbing Twister
~ 2" long
~ Brass w/Gold Finish

dr_slick_dubbing_twister_jumbo.jpg Dr. Slick Jumbo Dubbing Twister
~ 2" Head
~ 4.5" long; 10mm Diameter
~ Aluminum and Brass Handle w/Green Finish

terra_deluxe_dubbing_spinner_set.jpg Terra Deluxe Dubbing Spinner Set
Designed with bearings that let the head spin freely. Includes 3 differnt head options - fine wire, Y-tool, shepherd's crook. Ideal for making dubbing brushes, dubbing loops, or spinning fur collars.

rio_cnf_61631_rotary_twister_plus.jpg C&F Design Rotary Twister Plus
A quality dubbing twister with a ball bearing to create neat, fast dubbing loops and a thumbwheel spinner or speed. It also has a Core Clip for adding a rib material.

terra_deluxe_dubbingrake.jpg Terra Deluxe Dubbing Rake
Gently pull across hair skins to make dubbing.

rio_cnf_61608_dubbing_brush.jpg C&F Design Dubbing Brush
A multi-purpose tool with a half hitcher in one end, a sharp, angled needle for cleaning hook eyes in the other and a fine, stainless wire brush in the body for picking perfect bodies.

dr_slick_dubbing_comb_n_brush.jpg Dr. Slick Dubbing Comb & Brush
~ 6" long
~ Velcro Rakes & Brassh Brush
~ Brass w/Gold Finish

peak_dubbing_brush_tool PEAK Ritt Pick-N-Brush Dubbing Tool
~ The tool has a stainless steel needle or bodkin tip on one end, covered with a rigid black plastic safety cap when not in use, and a nylon brush tip on the other end.
~ The wide, flat body keeps the Pick-N-Brush from rolling off your table.
~ Dubbing can easily be brushed out with the nylon bristles without cutting threads.
~ The dubbing tool has a brush diameter of 11/64" diameter.

griffin_dubbing_teaser.jpg Griffin Dubbing Teaser
This tool allows you to pick out those fur dubbed bodies to produce buggier looking nymphs. Constructed of a hexagonal nylon handle and fine barbed needle, this tool raises the texture of a fly body. The whole body can be roughed up to add translucency and movement or specific areas can be touched with the dubbing teaser to lift out gills or legs for specific silhouettes. Must have.

ez_comb_brush E-Z Comb/Brush
This handy dual comb/brush is great for soft materials like marabou, schlappen and various soft hackles. Employ the brush to clean and neaten the fibers and the comb to pull out any that got trapped during the hackling process.
2 per pack.

deer_hair_comb.jpg Deluxe Deer Hair Comb
Double sided comb removes underfur from deer hair or picks out dubbing. Fine teeth on 1 side, wider on the other.
you may receive Blue, Red, or Black

rising_stout_bod.jpg Rising Stout Bodkin
The needle is both strong and the correct length to make fly tying, or fly line setup easier.

dr_slick_bodkin.jpg Dr. Slick Bodkin
~ w/ Half Hitch Tool
~ 5"
~ Brass w/ Gold Finish

dr_slick_bodkin_jumbo.jpg Dr. Slick Jumbo Bodkin
~ w/ Half Hitch Tool
~ 5.75" long; 10mm Diameter
~ Aluminum and Brass Handle w/Green Finish

terra_deluxe_bodkincleaner_stand.jpg Terra Deluxe Bodkin & Cleaner w/Stand
The stand contains steel wool that cleans off your bodkin and keeps it from rolling away. Bodkin included.

wasatch_cementapplicator Wasatch Cement Applicator
Small loop on the ends helps prevent the drips you get with traditional bodkins. Small enough to still be precise.

hare_petijean_magic_tool_sm.jpg Marc Petitjean Magnum Magic Tool Clip Set
A larger version of a clip and clamp for larger loops or longer materials.

petitjean_magic_tools_stacker.jpg Marc Petitjean Magic Tool Stacker !
It’s like a Swiss Army Knife for the tier! Allows you the opportunity for you to mix different materials in the clip of the Magic tools

blend_your_own_dubbing_kit Blend Your Own Custom Dubbing Kit !
Highly recommended for dubbing freaks who want the perfectly unique blend no one else has ever imagined. And yes, it is a HUGE IMPROVEMENT over the coffee grinder.
Step by step EASY instructions included.

ep_finger_brush EP Enrico Puglisi Finger Brush
Quickly brushes out the under fiber of materials.