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Tools - Miscellaneous

dr_slick_tweezer_bishop.jpg Dr. Slick Bishop Tweezer
  • 4"
  • Gold & Satin
    Available in:
  • Straight (FB4G)
  • Curved (FBC4G)

  • rising_tweezer.jpg Rising 90' Tweezer
    First it was nippas, then the hook file, now we are bringing our innovative style to the tweezer.

    dr_slick_tweezer_bead.jpg Dr. Slick Bead Tweezer
  • 4"
  • Gold & Satin
  • Self Closes
    Available in:
  • Straight (BDT)

  • dr_slick_tweezer_hand.jpg Dr. Slick Extra Hand Tweezer
  • 2.5"
  • Gold & Satin
  • Self Closes
    Available in:
  • Curved (FEX)

  • rio_cnf_acc_3in1_tweezers.jpg C&F Design 3-in-1 Tweezers
    Combines fly handling tweezers, a hook eye cleaner and three different sized threaders.

    deer_hair_comb.jpg Deluxe Deer Hair Comb !
    Double sided comb removes underfur from deer hair or picks out dubbing. Fine teeth on 1 side, wider on the other.
    you may receive Blue, Red, or Black

    terra_knotleg_tool.jpg Terra Knot Leg Tool

    zuddys_leg_puller.jpg Zuddy's Leg Puller
    Zuddy's leg puller can pull rubber through anything. If you are a Bass Fly Tyer this is a must have!

    tool_cautery_tool.jpg Changeable Tip & Battery Cautery
    This unit burns hot and lasts forever with just simple battery and tip changes. Great for burning eyes into deer hair and mono-eyes. Also works for shucks and gills on many patterns.
    Requires 2 AA batteries (included)

    drslick_hook_file4.jpg Dr. Slick 4" Hook File
    2 Sided
    Dual Sharpening Grooves
    Surgical Stainless Steel w/Diamond surface
    Fine/Medium Grit

    drslick_hook_file6.jpg Dr. Slick 6" Hook File
  • 2 Sided
  • Dual Sharpening Grooves
  • Surgical Stainless Steel w/Diamond surface
  • Medium/Heavy Grit

  • renzetti_clouser_hook_file_sm.jpg Renzetti Clouser Hook File
    The handle is ergonomically designed to fit the contour of the palm of the hand. This natural fit makes it easy to apply the correct pressure when filing, giving you the perfect grip control.

    tiemco_ceramic_hook_hone.jpg Tiemco Ceramic Hook Hone
    Ideal hook hone for both fresh and saltwater use. One side is serrated for large hooks and the other smooth for small dry fly hooks.

    rising_diamon_hook_file_sm.jpg Rising Diamond Hook File
    Features a 4 inch long hook file to keep fly hooks sharp.
    Lanyard included.
    Rubber handle.
    Flat sections for knife sharpening.
    Double MD 600 grit grooves.
    800 diamond grit groove on back.

    fly_stand_sm_narrow.jpg Fly Stands
    You've seen them at shows, now you can display your own flies. Set of 3 stands - assorted colors. Heavy-resin base (over 0.6oz), multi-strand twisted wire post, and aggressive clip. They will hold even big saltwater flies.

    wasatch_eyepaintset.jpg Wasatch Eye Paint Set
    3 individual tools provide consistant size eyes in your choice of 6 sizes.

    wasatch_cementapplicator.jpg Wasatch Cement Applicator
    Small loop on the ends helps prevent the drips you get with traditional bodkins. Small enough to still be precise.

    hare_petijean_magic_tool_sm.jpg Marc Petitjean Magnum Magic Tool Clip Set
    A larger version of a clip and clamp for larger loops or longer materials.

    petitjean_magic_tools_stacker.jpg Marc Petitjean Magic Tool Stacker !
    It’s like a Swiss Army Knife for the tier! Allows you the opportunity for you to mix different materials in the clip of the Magic tools