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Struble Reel Seats

struble_u1sm.jpg Struble Deluxe Uplocking Seat - U1
This deluxe aluminum seat has specially designed round threads and a 1-piece diamond knurled hooded lock nut. Supplied with a formed nickel silver retainer, a precision cut contoured cork ring to fit snugly over the retainer and a finished wood insert (sold separately). ID: 420".
Polished Aluminum ($28) or Anodized Black Aluminum ($31.50)

struble_d3sm.jpg Struble Standard Downlocking Seat Skeleton - U3
Downlocking version of the popular U-3 . Supplied with formed, highly polished nickel silver retainer with aluminum end cap, finished insert and transition ring which fits between the body and the cork handle. Wood insert sold separately. Standard insert I.D.: 360".
Polished Aluminum ($12)or Anodized Black Aluminum ($17.50)

struble_u7sm.jpg Struble Saltwater Seat - U7
Designed primarily for use with heavier fly reels. Black anodized for corrosion resistance in salt water applications. Two heavy duty diamond knurled lock nuts separated by a compressible O ring to assist in secure locking. Precision-cut contoured cork ring with removable butt plug. ID: 584" Assembled.
Black Anodized

struble_u6sm.jpg Struble Uplocking All Metal Fly Seat - U6
Similar in style and appearance to the U7 seat. The second lock nut and slip ring are a combined unthreaded unit with the O ring embedded in the slip ring. Supplied with removable plug or specify finishing ring to use if a permanent fighting butt is to be added. The STRUFBK fighting butt also fits this seat. Assembled. ID: 584"
Black Anodized

struble_instert_group1sm.jpg Struble Finished Wood Inserts - Group 1
0.360" bore
~ W - Walnut
~ B - Bubinga
~ I - Imbuya
~ V - Vermillion

struble_instert_group2sm.jpg Struble Finished Wood Inserts - Group 2
0.360" bore
~ C - Cocobolo
~ GA - Goncalo Alves
~ R - Rose
~ T - Teak
~ Z - Zebra
~ FM - Fiddleback Maple
~ M - Myrtle