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teeny_box_sw1.jpg Teeny Tropical Flats Line
This line was originally the Bruce Chard Flats Line
Designed for Bonefish, Permit, Redfish, Snook, Tarpon. Great all around saltwater fly line.

teeny_box_sw1.jpg Teeny Kayak Line
This Kayak Flyline is one of our newest Flylines, designed by Capt. Pat Horrigan of Kayak Fishing Classics in Hudson, FL. This line has been tested and proves to be an outstanding casting and presentation line. It is truly nice to have a perfectly balanced line that you can cast sitting down and make excellent deliveries of you fly. Capt. Pat put a lot of thought into the design and taper of this line for it has truly paid off in a high performance flyline. This floating line comes in an 8wt. and is 90 feet long, quick loading, with Mono-core Saltwater flyline and welded loop at the tip end. The color is Blue and Goldenrod with our “HPC” coating (high performance coating.)

teeny_box_float.jpg Teeny Redfish Line
Casts extremely well and is the perfect floating line for the beginner or for smaller waters, when casts of 60 feet or less are required.This 2 color saltwater floating line is the first of it’s kind for both winter and summer fishing, with factory welded loops at both ends. Goldenrod represents winter fishing, reversible to yellow for summer fishing. The coatings are what make the difference, a stiffer HPC coating for summer and a softer HPC coating for winter. The head length on each end is 37.5 feet with a 30 foot common running line, total length 105 feet.

Teeny FC---Weight Forward Floating---Rod Size: 4-8
Water Type: Small rivers & lakes; Any short cast dry line application

teeny_box_spey Teeny Level Shooting Line
These Shooting lines have no taper and are designed for the fly angler that wants to make their own fly lines. They are 100 feet in length. Often they are spliced to shooting head type lines and used for both single handed and spey fly rods. These lines have our “HPC” coating (high performance coating)

teeny_box_spey Teeny Long Shot
The newest design of our floating fly lines with our “HPC” coating (high performance coating) and the best casting floating line that Jim Teeny has ever fished. This line loads quickly and shoots so well it will amaze you. Roll cast, mend and deliver your fly with accuracy. If distance is important to you then without question our long shot will fit the bill. The line is 90 feet long. Order by the rod size.

teeny_box_sink1.jpg Teeny T Series Lines
My original plan was to develop a one piece fly line with a sinking deep water express shooting head mated with a floating running line with our new “HPC” coating (high performance coating) that would be easy to cast and very strong. That it would be perfectly balanced and color coded so one could easily see when they could roll cast or pick the line up off the water at the optimum time for the easiest and best results. Because I live on the west coast, the lines were originally designed for fly fishing for salmon and steelhead on our west coast rivers and streams. Shortly after their introduction, it was apparent that many other fly anglers had their own ideas about other uses for the lines. In the salt for stripers, blue fish, halibut, bill fish, Tarpon and many others, all fell prey to the T - Series lines. Realistically, what the T - Series & Saltwater Series fly lines have done is open up new fisheries both fresh and saltwater. There is hardly a fish that we cannot go after and quite possibly land with a certain amount of luck.

90' (24' tip)

teeny_box_sink1.jpg Teeny TS Series Lines
The TS Series represents a longer version of the original Teeny T Series fly lines. The sinking section is 30 feet long with a 70 foot floating section with our new “HPC” coating (high performance coating), totaling 100 feet. The title of the line is Saltwater Series, but it works equally well in freshwater when distance is important. The reason I designed this line was for anglers who prefer to cast long distances of up to 100 feet. I have found this line to be very useful on many of our big wide rivers on the west coast where casting distance is important. What I like about this type of line is if you wish to fish close in, say 20 to 30 feet, you can easily do this. Simply roll cast some of the sinking line. Short leaders seem to work best with these lines. I usually run about 4 feet of leader off my fly line when I am fishing for Steelhead or Salmon. The best way to cast this type of line is to get the color change to your rod tip and roll cast your line to the surface and then immediately make a single false cast and then shoot it where you want it to go. My favorite size for Billfish is the TS-550 which is perfect for quick casting and excellent balance to turn over large flies. This line works equally well in both fresh and salt water.

teeny_box_sink1.jpg Teeny W/F Mini Tip Line
When I first thought of the mini tip design I was thinking of trout fishing in lakes and streams, and/or fishing for sockeye and chum salmon in Alaska. This fly line works well in a large variety of waters on most types of fish. Steelhead, Salmon, Bass, and Bluegill are just a few. The design is a weight forward taper floating line with five feet of quick sinking tip. It is easy to cast with great visibility to the angler. Easy to pick up and cast again with great line control during your drift. The Mini Tip line is my personal favorite fly line for most subsurface fishing, except for when you need to get down quickly in heavy currents or deep waters. In rivers a leader length of 4 to 6 feet is usually the best in moving waters. If fish are suspended in slow deep pools a 9 to 12 foot leader is best, as it makes a more natural presentation of your fly to the fish without motion or shadow from your line. If you need a line to get your fly down with minimal line drag and excellent control the Mini Tip should be the line for you. Order the line that corresponds to the rod size you will be using it on.

teeny_box_spey Teeny Weight Forward Floating Line
This line is easy to cast with nice visibility for the angler. Roll casting and mending are both done effectively. A comfortable high performance fly line that will do all that you would expect from a weight forward floating line. The line is 90 feet long in 3 through 9 weights and has our “HPC” coating (high performance coating). Order the line that matches your rod size.