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Hardy Gladstone Cane Rods

Make no mistake, Hardy has always been one of the world leaders in the making of split bamboo rods. It was L.R. Hardy, nearly a century ago, who invented the planning machine that revolutionised the construction of this type of rod.

Previously, rods had been hand planed, a process that could never achieve the straight, true-actioned split bamboo rod that comes from the machine. For over half a century, Hardy made ten thousand rods each year from split bamboo and our master rod builder Callum Gladstone has been fashioning them for over two decades. We use some of the classic rod designs of all time and in the world of split bamboo no-one has more experience or expertise than Hardy.

Even if you've got all the carbon fibre rods you’ll ever need, split bamboo offers a totally different and enjoyable approach to angling. Fishing is all about the whole experience. It draws pleasure from the environment, wildlife and the way you fish, and, of course, what you fish with. Hardy Gladstone rods are available in three classic tapers – Leonard (6' 6" #3), Garrison (7' #4) and Payne (8' #5), all built by Callum Gladstone.

They are available in #3 and #5 weight options, perfect for smaller river trout and grayling. The sumptuous flamed bamboo, the agate butt ring, the chrome snake rings, the chestnut whippings and the swelled cork handle all symbolise a rod built with passion.

Hardy Gladstone Leonard 6'6" #3 2pc Rod
Length: 6.5 ft
Rating: 3 wt
Sections: 2
Weight: 3.0 oz (83g)
Handle: Cigar

Hardy Gladstone Garrison 7' #4 2pc Rod
Length: 7 ft
Rating: 4 wt
Sections: 2
Weight: 3.63 oz (101g)
Handle: Cigar

Hardy Gladstone Payne 8' #5 2pc Rod
Length: 8 ft
Rating: 5 wt
Sections: 2
Weight: 4.25 oz (123g)
Handle: Cigar