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Sage Xi3 Rods


The Xi3 makes it easier to put the fly exactly where you want.

On the flats, blue water or anywhere in between, your first shot is always the best shot. But, as experienced saltwater anglers know, sometimes that first shot means the bonefish you didn’t see until it was right here, and other times it’s an upwind bait ball way out there.

With Sage’s exclusive SaltH2O Technology, Xi3 rods provide a groundbreaking level of torque and torsion resistance for superior tracking and less wasted energy at all distances. SaltH2O’s unique layer interface and proprietary resin also combine for maximum strength—even in high heat environments—and significantly less weight.

This increased strength comes in handy when you need to lean on powerful saltwater bruisers. Just as importantly, it gives you the backbone to pick up 60 or 70 feet of line on desperate second (and last) chance casts.

Our G5 construction adds improved line feel for easier, more intuitive casting, and specialized saltwater-specific components complete the package. In other words, the new Xi3 is everything you need to make that first shot count.


  • Fast Action Saltwater Rods from 6-14 and 16 weights
  • Proprietary Taper design utilizing SaltH2O Technology
  • Pacific Blue Shaft Color
  • Electra Blue Trip wraps / Cobalt Blue Primary wraps
  • Fuji Hard Chrome plated Stripping Guides w/ Alconite ceramic inserts, which offer the utmost durability and line wear resistance. Oversized to re-direct the line down the blank. and into the cast.
  • Oversized tip tops and snake guides on all models for ease of line movement. allow the rod to gather more line for any direction - out of the water, off the deck, from under your foot - where ever the line is coming from.
  • Saltwater Safe black anodized reel seat, Cork and Eva fighting butt, easy-grip heavy-knurled lock rings and full-wells cork grip
  • Integrated fighting grip for ideal fish-fighting control on the 1190, 1290, 1390, 1490, and 1680 models
  • Black fabric rod bag with silver silk-screen
  • Powder coated blue aluminum tube with grey silkscreened Sage logo

  • A word about the new Xi3 rods.
    Unlike saltwater-safe rods in other rod families, the Xi3 rods are specific to saltwater fishing. The blank-design, components, and fish fishing capabilities are selected in an effort to create the best High Performance Saltwater rod on the market.

    Oversized guides and tip tops allow the caster to reach longer distances with a minimum of false casting. In the saltwater world, the 1st shot at a fish is always the BEST shot whether it be in-close or at a great distance. The angler, therefore, needs to be able to pick up heavy flies and an indeterminate amount of line at any time.

    In the saltwater environment landing a fly within 2ft. can be considered an accurate cast. So, any accuracy that is lost with the large guides, is made up for in the fact that the rod as a whole allows the angler to deliver the fly quickly and in uncertain conditions where one cast matters.

    The Xi3 rods are truly the toughest blanks within in the Sage line. The new taper design was created in response to the fact that saltwater rods are outfitted with heavier components and are often fished with heavier lines and flies, and the rod needs to be able to withstand the stresses of this extra swing weight. Additionally, the rods need to be able to respond with authority when an angler picks up 60' to 70' of line on a second chance (Hail Mary) cast.

    See below for even more information regarding the KEY FEATURES of the Xi3 Blank

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    Alconite™ - Fuji’s engineers thought long and hard on how to make a guide lighter and stronger yet keep the cost down. After years of research they came up with Alconite™, a special type of ceramic that offer strength, lightness, and durability. In fact Alconite™ offers 80% greater compression strength and is 20% lighter than Aluminum Oxide. Also, through Fuji’s Diamond Polishing, Alconite™ boasts a finishing that is smoother than that or Hardaloy. Fuji engineers were also able to make Alconite™ the thinnest and lightest ceramic ring available today; even 7% lighter than standard SiC rings! When combined with the lightweight Concept frame the results are unparalleled…35% lighter and up to 50% stronger than ordinary guides.

    Xi3 SaltH2O Technology - Saltwater Fly Fishing offers a variety of unique challenges. Fish that close the distance quickly, requiring long-to short-range casts. Finicky eaters that want a 3/0 today but switch to a #2 tomorrow. Picking up 60’ of line on one cast, but presenting a fly at 25’ the next. Wind, rain, heat…you name it.. the Xi3 has you covered. With our unique SaltH2O technology, fear of the flats is a thing of the past.

    Key Blank Features:

  • Torque: The saltwater Angler must be able to pick up a large fly, in strong wind, and change direction in one or two false casts. In a saltwater specific rod, the large guide sets, combined with weighed flies and heavier lines require that the rod blank is able to withstand the forces that the saltwater angler is going to put on the rod.

  • Torsional Resistance: Picking up 60-70’ of fly line, re-directing it accurately, and presenting the fly immediately to swift moving fish in any condition in something every angler is looking for. When changing direction with the rod under load, the angler needs the rod to resist torsion. When the rod recovers from the load quickly, it allows the saltwater angler to redirect the cast more accurately.

  • By Design: The Xi3 is the most powerful blank in the Sage lineup, while maintain the recognizable Sage smoothness you have come to expect. By design, it will handle premium heavy-duty guidesets, weighty saltwater and sinking lines and larger flies. All components that require a blank that can handle the additional swing weight when casting to saltwater specific species.