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Hardy Fly Rods

SINTRIX™ material provides rods which are up to 60% stronger, up to 30% lighter and with hugely improved impact resistance over conventional carbon fibre. See the products and find out what makes SINTRIX different from other nano technology rods.


Proaxis-X !


Zenith DH

Marksman Designed for running water. A comprehensive range of high performance fly rods with a fast recovering easy to load action.

Marksman 2

Marksman 2S DH

Uniqua Hardy's Uniqua rods provide "gutsy" performance with a moderately fast action and are at home in both fresh and saltwater.


Uniqua DH
Demon Hardy's entry level all purpose rod. Forgiving for the novice but with performance to impress the advanced angler.


Demon DH


Lightweight Classic Lightweight rods are designed for use with Hardy's classic reel series and provide river anglers the crispness required for tight controlled casting.
Glass By mixing glass and carbon Hardy's has achieved an easy loading rod with a smooth action and controlled well dampened recovery. Glass rods allow short range controlled presentation with the minimum of line.


Gladstone Split Bamboo rods built by master craftsmen in Alnwick, just as they have been for well over 100 years. The Gladstone rods perfectly express the Hardy Heritage Concept.

From RIO:

The "A" rating is for more experienced casters, or for casters that like to cast off the tip of the rod. It is also a good choice for longer rods and wider rivers where the caster can carry the whole head length of the line outside the rod (55 feet in the case of most WindCutters). The "B" rating is for less experienced casters, and for casters that like to feel a deeper load in the rod. It is also a good choice for coping with tough winds, or using larger flies.