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Whiting Spey Hackle

Confused by Bronze, Silver, Gold, or Pro Grade? Click HERE to read about Whiting Farms Grading System.

Unique to the tying world and nine years in the making! Whiting Farms’ Spey line derives its’ heritage from the classic silky breed of chicken. Dr. Whiting has advanced the breed to produce the near perfect replacement of spey-style heron-like feathers in an affordable pelt. You have to see it to believe it!

Whiting feathers are in high demand, and shipping time can take up to 3 months. Please place your order and we will contact you with availability. Thanks.

Whiting Spey Hen Saddle
D is Dyed

Whiting Spey Hen Cape
D is Dyed

Whiting Spey Rooster Soft Hackle w/ Chickabou
Chickabou is a great CDC substitute
N Natural, Grz Grizzly, D Dyed

Whiting Super-Bou
For Atlantic Salmon, Saltwater, Steelhead, Bass
As large as, but finer than, turkey marabou

d - Whiting Spey Rooster Saddle
D is Dyed