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Whiting Feather Packs

Confused by Bronze, Silver, Gold, or Pro Grade? Click HERE to read about Whiting Farms Grading System.

Whiting feathers are in high demand, and shipping time can take up to 3 months. Please place your order and we will contact you with availability. Thanks.

whiting_introductory_pack_cape Whiting Introductory Hackle Pack
Four assorted 1/2 capes from a whole new type of bird! Whiting developed them just for this purpose. Comes with 4 core colors such as Brown, Grizzly, Medium Dun and Ginger. May also have Cream, Black, or Dun Grizzly - we even have a few with Cree!

Non-Returnable item
whiting_streamer_sm Whiting Streamer/Deceiver Pack
Whiting’s Streamer/Deceiver Packs contain the perfectly shaped (tapered) feathers for all streamer tying, whether fresh or saltwater. The stiff quill, strong barbs and ample-webbing make this an extremely durable feather for all streamer applications.
GRZ is Dyed over Grizzly
DOW is Dyed over White

whiting_100pack_sm Whiting Saddle Hackle 100 Pack
From the Whiting Genetic Line of Roosters
Available in Sizes:
10*, 12, 14, 16, 18, 20
Whiting Farms most popular product is pre-sized for your convenience and guarantees you at least 100 flies, making this one of the best values in all of fly tying.

Returns NOT accepted
whiting_tailing_feather_sm Whiting Coq de Leon Tailing Packs
Nothing compares to the natural fiber of a Coq de Leon rooster for tailing on dry flies. We hand select every patch for our tailing packs.
Approx 4 dozen usable feathers/pack

whiting_bugger_sm Whiting Wooly Bugger Pack
Bugger Pack feathers offer the tier an extremely long and naturally tapered feather with super-fine barbs, tapered webbing and supple quill. This type of feather is perfect for palmering woolly bugger style flies of all sizes.
GRZ is Dyed over Grizzly
DOW is Dyed over White

Returns NOT accepted
whiting_schlappen_bundle Whiting Schlappen Bundles
Approx 72 feathers/bundle in assorted sizes (1/4 oz)
6-10" or 10-14" has Approx 78 feathers in indicated size
GRZ is Dyed over Grizzly
DOW is Dyed over White

whiting_chickabou Whiting Chickabou Patch
The marabou-like feathers of the Chick-a-Bouฎ patch are quite fine and delicate, perfect for small nymphs, gills, trailing shucks, damsels and more.
N Natural, Grz Grizzly, D Dyed, BLW Black Laced White