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Brodin Nets

Whether you view a landing net as just another tool or a piece of equipment of which to be proud, Brodin offers a complete line of nets to meet your needs.

  • Platinum - nets are Brodin's latest offering, and their premium models. They are not only beautiful, but also extremely functional. From the rich cristobal handle to the mother-of-pearl measure marks, the details on the Platinum nets will please any angler. And don't let their beuty fool you - the hard high-gloss finish is as durable as it is handsom. All styles feature 4-ply bows.
  • Ghost nets are the most popular Brodin series. The state of the art net bag is molded from pvc, weighs a mere 4 ounces and is clear in color so it will disappear in the water - no spooking the fish! The frame is constructed of plantation grown Teak or dark wood chiricano with a 4 ply bow and extra re-inforcing at the yoke. And of course you have the benefit of a "rubber" bag so your flies won't tangle.