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Brodin Woods

Teak - Honey color with black streaks

Teak is a plantation grown wood in Costa Rica, and using it reduces the logging impact in this beautiful country. The government is trying very hard to maintain what is left of the remaining rain and cloud forests. They realize that such a small country could be devastated in a few years if there were no environmental restrictions. Their future is in eco-tourism (which includes some spectacular fishing) and they have bitten the bullet and traded short term gains for a sustainable future. Very difficult for a third world country, but they are beginning to receive payment on their investment and the future looks bright.

Brodin would not recommend teak unless it was a wood highly suited for use in landing nets. But it is possibly the best wood available. It is relatively light in weight and is totally rot resistant.

That being said, don't feel too guilty if you want the spectacular exotic of Cristobal (a Rosewood). Brodin uses very little wood in the manufacturing of their landing nets and they extract the maximum value from these resources. It's a beautiful red color.

Cristobal - Super strong Central American hardwood.

Grevillia (handle) & Eucalyptus (bow)

Both the handle wood-grevillia- and the bow wood-eucalyptus- are species introduced from Australia. Luckily they are well suited for making a strong and functional net.