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Hardy Ultralite SDS Reels

The Ultralight SDS (Sealed drag system) reel is a light weight, ultra large Arbour design with an advanced woven carbon disk drag system that delivers smooth reliable performance under the harshest of conditions.

Designed in Alnwick England and tested in some of the most challenging saltwater conditions on the Planet, the SDS has an incredible line retrieval rate that allows the angler to recover line at the break neck speeds often required when chasing some of the hardest fighting fish to be found anywhere. Combined with Stunning looks and exceptional durability the SDS is a true saltwater athlete, that would also grace the any modern two handed salmon rod.

  • Smooth, reliable performance in the harshest of conditions
  • Fast line retrieval rates
  • Unique Hardy SDS Sealed Drag System - 7 point seal
  • Advanced carbon composite weave disc drag
  • Full 6061 barstock aluminium construction with deep anodized finish
  • Saltwater Safe
  • Designed for hard-fighting saltwater species, also makes a superb Salmon reel
  • Quick captive spool release system
  • Supplied in neoprene reel pouch
  • Hardy Ultralite SDS 8000 #8/9 Reel
    Capacity (20lb Dacron):
    ~WF8F +250m
    ~WF9F +180m
    Weight: 10.2oz
    Diameter: 4.5"

    Hardy Ultralite SDS 10000 #10/11 Reel
    Capacity (30lb Dacron):
    ~WF10 +300m
    ~WF11 +280m
    Weight: 11.5oz
    Diameter: 4.7"

    Hardy Ultralite SDS 12000 #12+ Reel
    Capacity (30lb Dacron):
    ~WF12 +380m
    Weight: 13.2oz
    Diameter: 5.3"