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Accessories - Cleaners & Lubricants

formulaX2.jpg Formula X2 Fuel Additive !
Formula X2 is the complete protection for your engine from water accumulation and ethanol damage. The fuel or diesel on your boat, car, motorcycle, jet ski, two stroke engine, and small engines are in danger from ethanol and water in the fuel. Formula X2 will eliminate the water and provide the protection, lubrication and detergents to keep you fuel system working perfect all the time.

salt_away_fishermans_friend.jpg Salt-Away Fishing Equipment Spray
This 4-ounce ready-to-use spray is a mild formula designed for anglers to spray salt off reels, rods, line and guides while fishing.
Safe for all brands of reels, rods and line (even monofilament) - No need to rinse.
Prevents salt build-up and removes existing salt (to a reaonable extent).
Leaves no scent in the water.

salt_away_professional_strength.jpg Salt-Away Professional Strength Spray
The 16 ounce Professional Strength spray item is formulated for stubborn areas where salt has accumulated. Spray on. Let rest for a few minutes. Rinse off. No scrubbing necessary in most cases.
Removes heavy build-up and is used for maintenance on smaller items. Rinsing recommended for fishing items.

rio_agentx_dressing.jpg RIO AgentX Fly Line Dressing
Formulated to enhance the performance of all modern fly lines. Treated lines will cast farther, remain clean longer and float higher than untreated lines.
One oz bottle. OR bottle + Wondercloth
Contains floating additive

ump_glide.jpg UFM Glide Line Dressing
There are no floating or sinking additives, so Glide will work for ALL your lines. The long-lasting finish will not accumulate unwanted debris
One oz bottle Alone or with Applicator Box

loon_cl_fast_cast_line_cleaning_tool.jpg Loon - Fast Cast Line Cleaning Tool
$11.50 $10.49 On Sale!
A nylon pouch with a sheepskin cleaning pad that attaches to a fly rod. The Fast Cast makes cleaning and lubricating fly lines as simple as stripping line through the pouch then reeling back in.

loon_cl_line_cleaning_tool.jpg Loon Line Cleaning Tool
Sheepskin and hardwood hinged together to create the perfect line cleaning tool.
3" x 3"

loon_cl_fast_cast_line_cleaning_system.jpg Loon - Fast Cast Line Cleaning System
$22.95 $19.95 On Sale!
Everything needed for cleaning and maintaining your fly line. Includes Fast Cast Tool, Line Speed, and Stream Line.
1 oz.

rio_acc_towlette.jpg RIO Fly Line Cleaning Towelette
Quickly clean your fly line and enhance its performance with this handy, single-use cloth. The Fly Line Cleaning Towelette works best on floating fly lines as it light brushes away loose dirt.
Pack contains one pre-coated cloth.

loon_cl_grafitolin_ferrule_wax.jpg Loon Grafitolin Ferrule Wax™
Grafitolin Ferrule Wax helps lubricate your ferrules, thus preventing them from sticking and helping them to stay together. It will also minimize the change for breakage.
1/4 oz.

anglers_image_ferrule_wax.jpg Anglers Image Ferrule Wax
A light application of ferrule wax can help to achieve a firm fit and minimize slipping.

loon_cl_uv_knotsense.jpg Loon UV Knot Sense
Smoothes and strengthens your knots immediately. Lightly coat those newly tied nail knots and never get caught in your guides again. Great for repairing damaged flies.
1/2 oz tube
Need a UV light for drying? Try Loon UV Mini Lamp , Loon UV Power Light , or Loon UV Mega Light

loon_uv_kit_sm.jpg Loon UV Kit
Includes UV Mini Lamp, UV Wader Repair and UV Knot Sense.

loon_cl_reel_lube.jpg Loon Reel Lube™
A combination of synthetic lubricant, solid lubricants and water repellent to give your fly reels protection from rust and friction. Excellend protection for firearms as well.
1/2 oz.

tibor_graphite_reel_lube.jpg Tibor Graphite Lube
Specially formulated lubricant for use on Tibor, TiborQC, and Billy Pate Reels.

loon_cl_stanleys_ice_off.jpg Loon Stanley's Ice Off Paste™
A non-toxic antifreeze paste for line and guides to keep them from freezing. Effective to 12 degrees below freezing. Easy to apply. Won't hurt you or your equipment.
1/4 oz.

loon_cl_freshpants.jpg Loon Fresh Pants™
Fresh Pants kills odor-causing bacteria to clean, deodorize and sanitize your waders, wet suits, tents, gloves, life jackets sprayskirts… you get the idea.
1 oz.

loon_caddy_bottomsup.jpg Loon Bottoms Up Caddy
Rubber suction cup with snap fastener and chain.
Holds: 1/2 oz. bottle of Aquel, Royal Gel, or Henry’s Sinket

loon_caddy_large.jpg Loon Large Caddy
A combination of the Small Caddy and the Medium Caddy to carry 2 necessities.
Holds: both Aquel and Top Ride. Or Royal Gel and Blue Ribbon. Or Aquel and Easy Dry. You get the idea.
With new and improved “Secure-Top” design.

loon_caddy_medium.jpg Loon Medium Caddy
Elastic loop on nylon web backing with attachment clip.
Holds: Loon’s Top Ride, Blue Ribbon, or Easy Dry.

loon_caddy_small.jpg Loon Small Caddy
New and improved with the “Secure-Top” design, the Small Caddy guarantees you will never lose a bottle of floatant. Your floatant will be hanging upside down, always ready to use.
Holds: 1/2 oz. bottle of Aquel, Royal Gel, or Henry’s Sinket.

finn_utility_floatant_holder.jpg Finn Utility Floatant Holder !
Clever and simple way to store your bottles in the downward position.

hardy_acces_leather_gink_holder.jpg Hardy Leather Gink Holder
Beautiful Argentinian leather.
Stylish way to hold your floatant/sinket ready to dispense.

hardy_acces_leather_powder_holder.jpg Hardy Leather Powder Holder
Beautiful Argentinian leather.
For the slightly wider bottles that you store cap-up.