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light_mageyes_hateyes_sm.jpg Mag Eye's Hat Eyes
Hat Eyes magnifier - stainless steel construction with high-grade optical quality acrylic binocular lens. Attaches to the brim of caps, hats, sun-visors, etc. and goes where you go. Store under your cap brim when not in use.

light_mageyes_magnifier_sm.jpg MagEye's Magnifier
A hands-free head-mounted magnifier. Features a 1.6X and a 2.0X lens, and it works well with our with-out prescription glasses. One size fits all.
Available in the original (green headband) or
Plus (natural headband) w/ 5X flip-up loupe

light_mageyes_replacement_lens_sm.jpg Mag Eye's Replacement Lens for Magnifier
working distance of 4"-7"