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Scientific Anglers Sonar Textured Sinking Lines

The SONAR series takes your fly and puts it right in front of the fish. Whether you’re throwing streamers for trout, big flies for muskie, or even fishing stillwaters, we have the perfect sinking line for you. Get down, and stay down, with SONAR.

sci_anglers_sonar_titan_clear_tip Scientific Anglers Sonar Titan Clear Tip
Sinking Clear-Tip Fly Line
Float / 1.25 ips

sci_anglers_sonar_titan_intermediate Scientific Anglers - Sonar Titan Intermediate
$84.95 $68.95 On Sale!
Slow Sinking Fly Line
~ Intermediate Sink Rate: 1.25ips

Limited to Stock on Hand
sci_anglers_sonar_titan_int_s3_s5 Scientific Anglers Sonar Titan Int/S3/S5
Triple Density Sinking Fly Line
~ 1.25 - 6 ips

sci_anglers_sonar_titan_big_water Scientific Anglers Sonar Titan Big Water Taper
Slow-Sinking Fly Line for Big Game
~ 1.25 ips

sci_anglers_sonar_titan_big_water_max_sink Scientific Anglers Sonar Titan Big Water Taper
Fast-Sinking Fly Line for Big Game
~ 6.0+ ips