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xSeele Spey Fly Rods

Seele Double Hand Spey 12'3" 4wt
Length: 12'3"
Pieces: 4
Scandi 16 gram (250 grain) / Skagit 20 gram (310 grain) / 6 weight WF line
This might be the most technical trout rod on earth! This 4 wt is a true double hander but because of its weight you can cast and fish it as a single hander as well! We designed this rod as a “trout spey” for medium and big rivers. Made for swinging all kind of flies from streamers and tubes to soft hackles and dry flies on light tippets. The feeling of this rod is tremendous and the length and flex protect your leader and tippet.
This rod also works perfectly for upstream nymphing, nymphing across and ending in a Leisenring lift, or just a swing. Use this rod for the techniques you find best and you will find that this rod makes them work and work well!

Seele Double Hand Spey 13'1" 6wt
Length: 13'1"
Pieces: 4
Scandi 23 gram (360 grain) / Skagit 27 gram (420 grain)
What a great steelhead or summer salmon rod! Very light, lots of feeling mixed with a fast powerful taper. Fish this rod for weeks without getting tired and you will still enjoy it. You will be able to feel every cast, swing, and every little pull from the silver creatures we love to contact. Fish it – believe it!

Seele Double Hand Spey 13'8" 8wt
Length: 13'8"
Pieces: 4
Scandi 31-35 gram (480-540 grain) / Skagit 35-40 gram (540-625 grain)
This is the all around power house, a tool for the one who expects no limits either from himself or his gear for any type of spey fishing in any conditions. Made for tight spots or long casts when you have the fish of a lifetime in mind. Floating, sink tips, or full sinking lines, it doesn’t matter, this rod plays it all. Unbelievably easy to handle due to our Fast Full Flex taper design which allows you to feel everything but still gives you the speed and power to make that dream come true!