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Paul Whillock - Realistic Fly Tyer

The definitive step by step guide to Modern realistic fly tying by Paul Whillock

We are offering the Regular edition, which is bound with a stylish black hardback cover with Black embossed “Flies as Art” title and discreet author’s signature in silver.
This edition is limited to a print run of only 5,000 copies - and over 57% of these copies have already been sold in 14 countries.

Art Fly Limited 9** issue Edition: Each of the Super Realistic Flies featured in my book will be presented in their own Leather Bound edition of the same book of which, each copy will be signed by myself, numbered and presented with a certificate of authenticity. The book and the framed fly will be presented within its own black cloth presentation case as featured in the image below.
INCLUDES - Leather bound Book with black embossed title and discreet author’s signature in silver. 272 pages, 230 mm x 295 mm, Black cloth presentation case. The actual Super Realistic fly from the book, mounted in a black frame. Signed and numbered. Certificate of authenticity.
**7 of the 9 Art Fly Editions are sold - only Spider and Scorpion remain.

book_flies_as_art.jpg Book - Flies As Art
$60.00 $45.00 On Sale!
Author: Paul Whilock
Hardcover: 272 pages
Publisher: Bac Pie Publishing; 1ST edition (2006)
ISBN: 1904784143
Product Dimensions: 11.6 x 9.1 x 0.9 inches

whillock_scorpion_art_book.JPG Flies As Art - Art Fly Scorpion Edition
In store now!
Books arrived a little earlier than expected. We received 12 copies total, and 6 are already sold!

whillock_spider_art_book.JPG Flies As Art - Art Fly Spider Edition
The spider is a creature that has fascinated me since childhood. Generally my Art Fly spiders are presented in a handmade web crafted from 17/0 Spiderweb tying thread.

My realistic flies were once impounded by US Customs after they believed them to be real insects. In my long awaited book: “Flies as Art” I will provide extensive details on how to tie my range of “Art Flies” and also my range of equivalent “Realistic fishing flies“.

This book is beautifully presented on 272 large pages of 230 mm x 295 mm, that feature hundreds of top quality illustrations which are further complimented by a range of clear step by step photographic images and explanatory text.

To further assist the progressive fly tyer, I have included numerous high resolution photographs of the corresponding natural insect that have been taken by the world’s top entomological photographers.

Each chapter will look in depth at a particular Insect and the chapter will be divided into three sections which are:

An Entomological overview of a particular insect, there will be an extensive text description of the bug and its habitat and a series of high quality entomological photographs that will assist the fly tyer in their understanding of the insects colour and size etc.

A Step By Step series of high quality, graphic line drawings explaining every aspect of tying an ‘Art Fly’ version of that insect. This section will also feature extensive text and entomological diagrams that will display body proportions, leg and wing measurements etc. There will also be a series of beautiful, high quality photographs of the finished fly together with close up shots of key body parts.

Step by step photographic sequences explaining how to tie a simplified, realistic fishing version of the same fly. Once again, there will be an extensive written text section to explain every aspect of the fly and its fishing methods and advantages.

Many well known Fly Fishermen, Fly Tyers, Show Organisers, Manufacturers, Entomologists and Suppliers have donated their help, materials, techniques, Insect photographic images and views to its content.

Robert Spaight is to proof read the book, Steve Thornton is assisting with photography & design, Bob Mead and Chuck Furimsky are amongst the contributors.