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Hardy Bros. Bougle Reels

The latest revision of the reel first made for Louis Bouglé 110 years ago. Made in Alnwick, England by time served Hardy Bros. reel makers.

The first Hardy Bouglé reel was catalogued in 1903, and was, as it remains to this day, a variation on the famous Hardy Perfect reel.

The variation was initially requested by Frenchman Louis Bouglé, an extremely knowledgeable fisherman and tournament caster who requested that Hardy produce a reel with a good line capacity which remained light enough to balance rods between 41/2oz and 8oz.

From this initial request, the Bouglé reel went from strength to strength and became one of the most famous reels in angling history.

This variant of the Bouglé was launched for the reel's 110th birthday in 2013, and we feel is one of the best yet - with its rolling pillar; reversible click check; naval brass bush and spindle; and its hand polished, deep anodised ‘pearl silver' finish. This Bouglé reel is sure to become one of the classics.

Made by time served Hardy Bros. reel makers here in Alnwick, England, this Bouglé reel comes presented in a beautiful, UK made, soft leather, sheepskin lined reel case.

Sweet sounding, wide ranging check system

Naval brass bush and spindle

Deep anodised bar stock aluminium in Pearl Silver finish

Easily changed from left- to right-hand wind

Spools interchangeable with Bouglé Mk VII, VI, V & IV

Supplied with Hardy Bros. soft leather, sheepskin lined reel pouch

hardy_bougle.jpg Hardy Baby Bougle 2 13/16" Reel
Capacity (20lb Gel Spun):
~ DT2 + 25m
Weight: 3.2oz (90g)

hardy_bougle.jpg Hardy Bougle 3" Reel
Capacity (20lb Gel Spun):
~ DT2 + 70m
Diameter: 3" (76mm)
Weight: 3.6oz (105g)

hardy_bougle.jpg Hardy Bougle 3 1/4" Reel
Capacity (20lb Gel Spun):
~ DT4 + 100m
Diameter: 3 1/4" (82mm)
Weight: 4.1oz (116g)

hardy_bougle.jpg Hardy Bougle 3 1/2" Reel
Capacity (20lb Gel Spun):
~ DT6 + 70m
Diameter: 3 1/2"
Weight: 4.7oz (125g)

hardy_bougle.jpg Hardy Bougle 4" Reel
Capacity (20lb Gel Spun):
~ DT10 + 225m
Diameter: 4" (101mm)
Weight: 9oz (256g)