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Seele Switch Rods

Fast Full Flex-Action, Graphite TruTech, Tip-over-Butt Ferrules

Seele Switch 10'6" 6wt
Length: 10'6"
Pieces: 4
Scandi 18 - 20 gram (275 - 310 grain) / Skagit 23 gram (350-375 grain) / WF 7/8br> When we designed this rod, we had a universal rod in mind. Light enough if you want to do some upstream nymphing, powerfully fast for stripping streamers, and easy going for swinging flies. This is a perfect travel rod when you don’t know what to expect and when you fish it in your home waters it can easily become your daily bread and butter rod!

Seele Switch 10'9" 8wt
Length: 10'9"
Pieces: 4
Scandi 23 - 25 gram (350 - 380 grain) / Skagit 27 - 29 gram (420 - 440 grain) / WF 9
Booom! What a blast to cast and fish this rod. Simply flexing this rod in your hand will let you feel the difference compared to any other brands! Very fast, ultra powerful, and built super tough, but with the typical Seele feeling. We put much more into this rod than what you probably will ever need. This rod is made for everything you want to do, fishing Stripers and Blues from the beach, nymphing for big Steelhead, or for the real work of swinging flies for big fish – you got it!